UOB HeartbeatOur Strategic Intent and Approach

Doing Right by our Communities

At UOB, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts from across the Group come under the UOB Heartbeat CSR programme, which aims to create sustainable good for caring and inclusive societies.

Guided by our values of Honour, Enterprise, Unity and Commitment, we effect this through the 3Ps of Corporate Philanthropy, Stakeholder Partnerships, and Employee Participation. This brings together our colleagues, customers and partners to make a positive difference to our communities.



We are committed to helping improve lives and strengthen social fabric through financial and non-financial contributions such as donations in cash or in kind, sponsorships, scholarships and the purchase of goods and services from charities.



We maximise our corporate giving by connecting and collaborating with partners for greater reach and impact. They include customers, business partners, vendors, community development councils and institutions and UOB Painting of the Year artists.



We unite as one in giving our time, skills and service to help build strong, inclusive and caring communities. We promote volunteerism that creates a sense of belonging for our colleagues and helps improve the lives of others.

Supporting Social Development

We focus on three areas to open hearts and minds in building an inclusive society:



Championing Southeast Asian Art and Ink Art

Art connects people, broadens minds, enriches lives and strengthens societal bonds. With our regional heritage and long-standing support of Southeast Asian art, we aim to draw out the next generation of great artists from the region.



Developing the young to their full potential

As children are the future, our efforts focus on helping them have a strong head start in life, inspiring them to express themselves and nurturing their talent as individuals.



Laying the foundation for the future

Education is essential for the progress of a country, its economy and its people. We support learning opportunities for young minds, help bridge the digital divide, and develop the leaders of tomorrow.