UOB HeartbeatBuilding Inclusive Societies

Promoting inclusion in the community

please touch

Please Touch

Through various hands-on activities and art classes, we make art appreciation more accessible to everyone, including the visually-impaired. In Thailand, we have run the Please Touch programme since 2015. This art-beyond-sight initiative aims to inspire people with visual impairments to show that there are no boundaries to pursue art as career and also serves as a platform to share their works with others.

purple parade

The Purple Parade

UOB has been a proud supporter of The Purple Parade since 2015. The Purple Parade is Singapore’s largest movement to advocate for inclusive societies by celebrating the abilities of persons with special needs. Every year during The Purple Parade, our colleagues come dressed in purple to show our solidarity in championing social inclusion.

Promoting inclusion at the workplace

Since 2013, UOB has been hiring people with disabilities at the UOB Scan Hub, its nerve centre for checking, digitisation and archiving of customer documents.

We redesigned work processes, modified our office environment and developed structured training programmes to enable people with autism to work effectively at the UOB Scan Hub. Their attention to detail and high levels of concentration and accuracy have helped improved UOB Scan Hub’s productivity and employee retention rates.
scan hub

“At UOB Scan Hub, people with autism are hired for the strengths they bring to the role, in particular, their attention to detail and high concentration levels. We believe we can shape the business landscape to be more inclusive.”

Susan Hwee
Head of Group Technology and Operations, UOB

the unlimited

In 2021, we launched ‘The Unlimited’ - the first inclusive hiring collaboration among the public, private and people sectors in Singapore to promote sustainable employment for persons with disabilities.

Under the initiative, UOB acts as the private sector catalyst for inclusive hiring, engaging companies to raise their awareness of and to generate interest in the hiring of persons with disabilities.