UOB HeartbeatLevelling the Playing Field

Supporting education for disadvantaged students

The UOB Heartbeat CSR programme has helped numerous disadvantaged students across the region continue to have access to education, including funding school programmes, building schools in rural areas, school essentials, bursaries, scholarships and other cash aids.

bicycle donation

Bicycle donation to disadvantaged students in Trà Vinh province, Vietnam

building preschools

Building pre-schools of the future in rural China

cash aids

Cash aids for students from low-income families when they continue to attend school in Malaysia

monthly groceries

Monthly nutritious groceries for students from low-income families in Singapore

Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award

Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award

The Wee Cho Yaw Future Leaders Award is a $50 million scholarship programme to develop future leaders by providing tertiary education opportunities to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The award is provided in partnership with the Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore. Awardees will be selected based on their financial background, followed by academic performance and community efforts including volunteer work. In addition to tuition fee funding, students will have the opportunity to tap on UOB’s network to support their aspirations to contribute to Singapore’s economic future.

Cultivating the love of reading

Cultivating the love of reading

The benefits of reading extend beyond the academic. It can also help to improve social skills and encourage community participation.

To inspire them in reading and improve social interactions in the process, UOB Heartbeat employee volunteers partner with social service agencies to conduct storytelling and reading sessions to our children beneficiaries.

Promoting financial literacy among the young

Promoting financial literacy among the young

To help the next generation succeed in a global economy, we believe in imparting the skills of sound financial management from young. Across the region, we work with like-minded partners to conduct tailored financial literary workshops for children and youths, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to help them learn critical values around money.