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Level 3: Tech Launchpad

Financial Technology (FinTech) was coined in the early 1990s to define technologies that went into building the back-office of banking and finance operations. In the 21st century, FinTech has come to mean innovative financial solutions that have harnessed technology in new and creative ways.

Types of FinTech Innovations

P2P Lending



Robo Advisory


Do accelerators have a role in the start-up ecosystem? If you are a start-up wondering if an accelerator is right for you, this Tech In Asia article may help to provide some answers.

*Views expressed are the author’s own.

A second shot
at success

Accelerator programs cater to different needs

Penetrating into
a new market

Smoother transition when targeting a different customer segment

Opportunity to partner with a big corporation

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Level 1: Ecosystem and Collaboration

The FinLab

Singapore’s first corporate FinTech accelerator.


OurCrowd is a leading global equity crowdfunding platform that provides start-ups with access to funding and for accredited investors the opportunity to invest in promising venture capital-backed start-ups.


Asia's leading venture lending platform.

UOB Venture Management

UOB Venture Management invests in growth companies through direct equity investment, mainly in Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Attores and Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Digital education certificates on the blockchain.

PayKey and Personal Financial Services

Making online payments convenient.

BizSmart and Business Banking

Managing businesses the smart way.

V-Key and Mighty

Protecting customers transactions and identity.

Welcome to Our Tech Start-up Ecosystem

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