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UOB My Digital Space (MDS) is our flagship regional education programme, designed to bridge the digital gap of disadvantaged students by equipping them with digital tools and skills, and connect to a wider world of digital learning opportunities. Since its launch in 2020, we have been distributing laptops to children and complementing their learning journey with the UOB My Digital Space interactive learning portal – a website that features educational multimedia content on art, environmental sustainability, cybersecurity and financial literacy, as well as game-based learning activities.
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In Singapore this year, we rallied deeper involvement from within the Bank to collect used yet functional digital devices. Through two methods of collection, we decommissioned existing UOB-owned laptops, and encouraged the donation of used personal laptops, tablets and smart phones from employees. All collected digital devices were then sent to Engineering Good - a non-profit organisation that refurbishes used digital devices before being donated to children in need through various social service agencies across Singapore. All costs of any refurbishments required was also sponsored by UOB.

Offering both social and environmental impact, this refurbishment strategy provides children beneficiaries with access to learning from home, while giving used devices a new lease of life and reducing the amount of e-waste to landfills.
Across the region in 2022, we distributed more than 1,200 digital devices, impacting more than 7,000 youths across the region, with the provision of digital literacy workshops as well.


“I was excited when I received the laptop. I can use the laptop to do my assignments and access the dictionary online to help me with my schoolwork. I feel happy that someone cares for me by providing a laptop for my personal use.”

–Imran, Primary 4, who received a new laptop through the UOB My Digital Space that will help him in his online learning.

About the programme


Distributes digital learning sets including laptops to help disadvantaged children with remote learning


Collects used laptops, tablets and desktop computers in good condition, and refurbishes them for donation to those in need


Run education programmes supporting digital literacy and skills, such as coding, to help disadvantaged children learn the language of the future


Enrich the lives of the young through safe, educational content tailored for children, on the UOB My Digital Space Interactive Learning portal

Impact investments on digital inclusion

The Asia Impact Investment Fund (AIIF) has a double bottom line focus, valuing both financial return and social impact.

Invest in growth, create impact

Invest in growth, create impact

In 2015, UOB Venture Management launched the first series of the AIIF, to invest in growth companies in Southeast Asia and China that improve lives of lower income communities at the base of the economic pyramid. Through AIIF, we support sustainable growth businesses with impact-driven business models. A number of our portfolio companies played key roles in driving digital inclusion among their local communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital learning with Ruangguru
case study

Digital learning with Ruangguru

Ruangguru is the largest and most comprehensive Educational Technology (EdTech) company in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, serving more than 22 million users and over 300,000 teachers on its digital learning platform. Ruangguru helps to address the uneven distribution of educational resources by providing affordable access to mobile and web-based quality educational content to students, teachers and schools across Indonesia.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruangguru’s online products became an important avenue for students in Indonesia to continue their curriculum-based learning while schools were shut. Ruangguru sought to focus on mitigating the impact on students by setting up a free online school, which has since been accessed by more than 10 million children. In addition, during the pandemic, Ruangguru made their teachers’ training content available to educators, free of charge.