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Latest developments

UOB's net zero commitment

UOB’s net zero commitment is rooted in a just transition that supports economic growth and improves energy access across ASEAN.

UOB Sustainability Compass

The UOB Sustainability Compass helps SMEs navigate their sustainability jouneys with customised roadmaps and action plans.

Sustainability Impact Awards

Started in 2023, the Sustainability Impact Awards recognise the sustainability efforts of individuals and businesses in Singapore.

UOB's Green Nation Pledge

UOB is a signatory of the Green Nation Pledge, an initiative to create a green, liveable and climate-resilient Singapore.


/Purpose and sustainability, and the Why of it all

Purpose and sustainability, and the Why of it all

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/Making the green transition just and welcome by all

Making the green transition just and welcome by all

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/Driving Southeast Asia’s great green transition

Driving Southeast Asia’s great green transition

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/Banking on a sustainable future

Banking on a sustainable future

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/Building Sustainable Cities

Building Sustainable Cities

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/Green Business

Green Business

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Our sustainability awards are testament to our efforts in building a sustainable business over time and across borders.

ESG ratings

UOB's ESG ratings and rankings demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, and our promise to do right by our stakeholders.

UOB Sustainability Report 2022


Read more about our approach and performance in the UOB Sustainability Report 2022.