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Workplace Safety, Health and Well-being

Workplace Safety, Health and Well-being

We are committed to building a workplace environment that ensures our people’s safety, health and well-being.

Group Corporate Real Estate Services is responsible for safeguarding our workplace from physical and operational risk, and works with internal stakeholders through various policies and guidelines, including:

  • the Group Physical Security Policy, which mandates the measures and actions that are to be taken to ensure a safe and secure environment that withstands a wide range of physical security threats;
  • the enhanced Group Facilities Management & Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Policy, which sets out the required actions for:
    • anticipating, recognising, evaluating, mitigating and controlling risks at the workplace that could impair the safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers and visitors;
    • conducting health and safety risk assessments for workplaces to prevent incidents;
    • managing our facilities for preventive, reactive and planned repairs and maintenance;
    • managing pandemic and infectious diseases; and
    • adhering to our environment-related commitment and targets; and
  • the Singapore WSH Act and operational manuals in relation to workplace safety and health.

The Group-wide policies are reviewed annually and approved by the Operational Risk Management Committee. In addition, our Group Operational Risk Management Policy requires business and support units to report workplace safety and health incidents in their respective markets, as well as conduct investigations to identify the root causes of reported workplace safety and health incidents, and to develop corrective action plans to prevent future occurrences.

Business and support units that identify workplace safety and health as a key operational risk must assess the effectiveness of controls to mitigate risks during the annual Key Risk and Control Self-Assessment (KRCSA) exercise. The combination of incident reporting and KRCSA facilitate the prompt identification and rectification of ineffective workplace safety and health controls.

The UOB Code of Conduct also requires every employee to comply with all relevant health and safety laws and guidelines, and promptly report any condition at the workplace that may pose a health, safety or environmental hazard. Further, under our Human Resources Policy, we are committed to providing our people with inclusive and flexible work arrangements so that they can better manage their work-life needs.

Building conducive and high-performance workplaces


We take practicable measures to reduce risks and to ensure the safety and health of our colleagues, customers, as well as contractors and all who work within UOB-owned and managed buildings. These measures include:

  • communicating all relevant health and safety procedures that we have in place;
  • reviewing our buildings’ emergency response plans which stipulate the relevant actions to be taken to protect and evacuate building occupants under different emergency scenarios;
  • conducting and reviewing appropriate contractors’ risk assessments to identify and minimise any sources of risk; and
  • setting out workplace safety and health requirements for all vendors, suppliers and contractors working at our premises and construction sites. They must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, conduct appropriate risk assessments, and complete all required training as required by local legislation.

By providing a high-performance environment focused on ergonomics and comfort, we create workplaces that enable collaboration, innovation, productivity, and personal well-being. Through our studies to understand user patterns and utilisation rates, we continually gather feedback to frame our approach to creating optimal and agile working environments.

We are also implementing the following workplace design principles progressively across our owned buildings, offices and branches:

  • flexible designs to improve space efficiency, to support diversified needs and to create resilient workplaces that meet different working requirements; and
  • ergonomic furniture to enhance employees’ physical comfort at work.

Caring for the well-being of our people


As a progressive and caring employer with a long-term focus, we aim to offer a dynamic workplace with more balanced ways of working that enables our people to fulfil their personal responsibilities. We offer flexible work arrangements including:

  • hybrid working for colleagues in eligible roles to have the flexibility to work from home or at a location other than the assigned workplace within the city of their work location;
  • Flexi2 for full-time employees to take two hours paid time-off from work every month to attend to their personal matters;
  • staggered work hours for full-time employees to adjust their start- and end-of-day work times to suit their professional and personal commitments; and
  • shortened working hours on Fridays for employees to start their weekends earlier.

We also offer part-time work to support employees with multiple responsibilities, such as mothers, part-time students and those with eldercare commitments, to continue working with us.

In addition, we invest in the health and wellness of our people through our healthcare framework: Healthy Employees, Active Lifestyles (HEAL). It comprises three key components:

  • Core coverage, which covers basic medical coverage and health screening;
  • CARE, which offers reimbursements for various healthcare and wellness expenses; and
  • Supplementary coverage, which covers options for alternative treatment and additional assistance, including complimentary counselling helplines to help colleagues manage stress.

The care we have for our people is demonstrated through our total employee wellness approach:

Physical wellness

We invest in the physical wellness of our colleagues by providing avenues for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The support we provide includes comprehensive medical and lifestyle benefits for our employees and their dependents, as well as privileges through partnerships with leading healthcare and lifestyle providers.

Mental wellness

We believe in creating a workplace environment where there is open dialogue and support to foster a positive state of mental health. Our frequent and regular Mental Wellness Days provide our colleagues with various tools and skills to manage their mental health.

Financial wellness

We seek to equip our colleagues with financial management fundamentals and strategies through financial literacy talks and workshops.

Intellectual wellness

We provide avenues for our colleagues to explore potential hobbies to stimulate their mind and self-enhancement activities to improve their personal lives.


Talent development and inclusion

Talent development and inclusion

We are dedicated to empowering our colleagues by building an inclusive organisation and providing them with professional development opportunities.

UOB Code of Conduct

UOB Code of Conduct

Our UOB Code of Conduct lays down the principles of personal and professional behaviour, including respect of human rights, expected of all UOB.

Direct environmental impact

Direct environmental impact

We are committed to maintaining carbon neutrality for our operations and conserving resources for the well-being of future generations.