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Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

We are committed to making our banking products and services accessible and affordable, and empowering the underbanked and underserved through digital innovation and education.

Providing access to banking and finance


Through our extensive network of branches and offices, self-service banking machines and digital banking channels, we seek to be holistic in our approach to financial inclusion, taking into consideration the unique socioeconomic factors in each of our markets. Our colleagues are also equipped with the skills and knowledge to serve the needs of a diverse customer base, including those who may be physically or visually impaired.

Digital financial inclusion


We actively engage our customers and the wider community, especially senior citizens, to help them become digitally ready and understand how digital banking products and services can make their lives more convenient.

For example, Digital Advocates at our branches in Singapore are on-site to guide less digitally-savvy customers on how to use the UOB TMRW app for their daily banking activities. We also help educate our customers on the latest scam tactics and share tips on how they can protect themselves.

UOB Business Loan

The UOB Business Loan is available in Singapore to locally-incorporated companies with less than three years in operation or with low sales turnover. It offers a short tenor cash advance loan or a longer tenor working capital loan, and the entire application process is digital and straight-through to offer companies ease and convenience when seeking funding.

The UOB Start-Up Business Loan is available to companies as young as six months in business.

The UOB SME app which is available in Singapore and Malaysia, is an all-in-one digital platform that enables SMEs to transact on the go securely, gain visibility on their cash flow position, and access financing solutions and UOB BizSmart

UOB BizSmart is a suite of integrated business solutions that enables SMEs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand to automate their key operating processes, from accounting and inventory management to online sales and marketing. By linking their UOB BizSmart account to their UOB bank account, SMEs can reconcile their financial transactions and obtain insights into their projected cash positions, top customers, suppliers and account receivables and payables on the UOB SME app.

The UOB Sustainability Compass is an industry-first sustainability tool that offers SMEs a customised step-by-step guide on starting and advancing their sustainability journeys. The online tool enables SMEs to obtain a customised report with insights into their sustainability maturity stage, based on their sector, simply by filling up a quick questionnaire.

The Sustainability Innovation Programme (SIP), run by UOB’s innovation accelerator, UOB FinLab, helps SMEs to transform their companies into sustainable and green businesses. The programme offers insights into a range of sustainability topics, such as energy efficiency, sustainable finance, renewable energy certificates, sustainable packaging, carbon management and ESG reporting.

The Greentech Accelerator, a three-month regional and global programme by UOB FinLab, focuses on connecting SMEs and corporates to high-growth greentech solution providers to solve problem statements and pilot solutions in the areas of energy efficiency, zero-waste supply chain, carbon management and reporting.

Shariah-compliant finance


We offer Islamic banking products and services guided by the virtues of Shariah that promote ethical, communal and socially-responsible values. At its core, the purpose of Islamic banking is to generate equitable, fair returns, with activities guided by the virtues of Shariah. It is a viable alternative to conventional banking in many parts of the world.

Since the launch of the Islamic Banking Window in Malaysia in 2016, we have been offering Islamic banking products and services, including:

  • banking solutions and subsidised digital business solutions to small businesses;
  • green and sustainable banking solutions to medium and large companies;
  • trade and foreign currency solutions for companies’ cross-border transactions;
  • BancaTakaful solutions with fire or property protection coverage for both individuals and businesses; and
  • worksite marketing solutions for companies and their employees, covering complimentary Takaful coverage for account holders, and special rates for fixed deposits and home financing packages.

We also support Bank Negara Malaysia’s vision for Value-based Intermediation, which promotes good banking practices and encourages sustainable consumer behaviours.

On top of financing, we promote and offer Shariah-compliant investing through UOB Islamic Asset Management (UOBIAM), a subsidiary of UOB Asset Management. UOBIAM offers Shariah-compliant investment solutions that suit the needs and objectives of those seeking ethical and socially-responsible investments.


Financing for businesses

Financing for businesses

We support businesses in the transition to a low carbon economy, helping them stay relevant and competitive for the long term.

Fair Dealing

Fair Dealing

We put our customers and their financial goals first as we grow our business through conscious and concerted efforts across our entire franchise.

Investing for impact

Investing for impact

Through UOB Venture Management (UOBVM), we drive positive impact through investments in privately-held companies in Southeast Asia and Greater China.