Develop Professionals Of Principle

Code of Conduct

The UOB Code of Conduct lays down the principles of personal and professional conduct, including in the following areas:

  • fair dealing in the conduct of business;
  • protection of personal data and customer information in accordance with applicable banking secrecy, privacy and data security laws;
  • equal opportunity for employees on the basis of merit;
  • non-tolerance of discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, disability or any other classification that does not create a professional and safe workplace;
  • maintenance of a conducive and healthy environment that contributes to the safety and well-being of employees and other stakeholders;
  • compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including competition and anti-trust law;
  • zero tolerance of bribery, corruption and illegal or unethical dealings, including insider trading and facilitation payments; and
  • whistle-blowing.

All employees receive training relating to the code, which embodies the corporate values. New employees are introduced to the code as part of their induction while existing employees refresh their knowledge annually as part of the Bank’s self-learning programme. In the performance appraisal system, employees are assessed based on whether their behavior is aligned to the corporate values. Any employee who does not comply with the code may be subject to disciplinary action. The code is reviewed periodically for continued relevance.

Read UOB Statement on Code of Conduct (PDF 50KB)

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent

We focus on developing our colleagues’ capabilities to prepare them for the future. We create an environment where they can perform to their best. We also care for their well-being. Our approach is upheld through our employee value proposition, UOB+you, which is supported by a wide range of programmes that covers flexible work arrangements, training and development courses, health and wellness, welfare benefits and recognition programmes.

Setting rewarding career paths, offering educational opportunities and coaching are essential components of our approach to creating a dynamic and engaged workforce. We run numerous training and development programmes to equip our colleagues with the right skillsets to realise their own potential and to serve our customers better.

Succession planning is also integral to our OPR programme, especially for key positions across the Group. In 2018, the succession planning framework was enhanced to include detailed role requirement profiles to capture current and future role requirements for all our senior leadership positions more effectively. Our succession planning programme is regularly reviewed by the Board’s Nominating Committee and by the Remuneration and Human Capital Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion

We draw upon the diverse strengths, experiences and capabilities of our colleagues from 38 nationalities and different age groups. This helps to enrich our knowledge and appreciation of each other and the markets in which we operate. It also enables us to be sensitive to the needs of our customers and to serve them more effectively.

Women accounted for 61.4 per cent of our permanent colleagues as at the end of 2018 and 57.1 per cent of all the hires in 2018. Women held 34.5 per cent and 51.8 per cent of senior and middle management roles respectively. They also accounted for 45 per cent of department heads, who are senior management reporting directly to the Group CEO or a Country CEO.

Our efforts in ensuring gender diversity and transparency in gender reporting in 2018 were recognised by Bloomberg, which listed UOB as one of only four companies in Singapore and 230 companies worldwide in its 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

We recognise the depth of knowledge and experience that colleagues who are beyond the statutory retirement age can contribute to the organisation. In Singapore, we offered re-employment opportunities to 158 colleagues who were eligible for retirement, 89 of whom were women. Since we started the re-employment of older workers in 2011, ahead of the legal requirement to do so in 2012, we have rehired 888 employees including 417 women.

Our diverse workforce extends beyond a mix of age and gender to include those with special abilities. The UOB Scan Hub – our nerve centre for digitising and archiving of customer documents – employs people with autism or deaf persons for their special abilities such as having a fine eye for detail, high levels of concentration and who are strong at methodical work processes. These specific skills are very suitable for a number of the functions at the UOB Scan Hub.

In 2018, we increased to 33 per cent the number of our UOB Scan Hub colleagues who have special abilities. With the Autism Resource Centre and the SPD in Singapore, we train people with special abilities to work at UOB Scan Hub and help ensure the work processes and the office environment are adjusted to accommodate their needs.

Workplace Safety, Health and Well-being

Creating a healthy, safe and harmonious workplace is important to us and we have established a set of workplace safety guidelines to identify and to address health and safety risks. In Singapore, our Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Workgroup plans and implements various health and safety initiatives.

The Workgroup includes representatives from different business and support units. Each department has its nominated WSH leaders, assistant leaders, managers and assistant managers and we take the necessary measures to eliminate health and safety risks. The representatives attend the bizSAFE course on risk management accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore, a statutory board under Singapore’s Ministry of Education.