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Covered Bond Reports

United Overseas Bank Limited's Global Covered Bond Programme is rated Aaa by Moody's and AAA by S&P, and carries the ECBC Covered Bond Label.

Covered Bond presentations are available on the Events & Presentations page (under 'Fixed Income Roadshow').


HTT Monthly Reports Download
Jan 2019 excel


HTT Monthly Reports Download
Jan 2018 excel
Feb 2018 excel
Mar 2018 excel
Apr 2018 excel
May 2018 excel
Jun 2018 excel
Jul 2018 excel
Aug 2018 excel
Sep 2018 excel
Oct 2018 excel
Nov 2018 excel
Dec 2018 excel


HTT Monthly Reports Download
Jan 2017 excel
Feb 2017 excel
Mar 2017 excel
Apr 2017 excel
May 2017 excel
Jun 2017 excel
Jul 2017 excel
Aug 2017 excel
Sep 2017 excel
Oct 2017 excel
Nov 2017 excel
Dec 2017 excel


HTT Monthly Reports Download
Feb 2016 excel
Mar 2016 excel
Apr 2016 excel
May 2016 excel
Jun 2016 excel
Jul 2016 excel
Aug 2016 excel
Sep 2016 excel
Oct 2016 excel
Nov 2016 excel
Dec 2016 excel


HTT Monthly Reports Download
Dec 2015 excel


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HTT refers to “Harmonised Transparency Template”. For more information on HTT, please refer to here.

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