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To encourage more small businesses to digitalise their business, UOB launched the “Tech My Biz Makeover” competition. Three small businesses from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand won a two-year subscription to UOB BizSmart/ UOB Smart Business* - a suite of digital business solutions that automates multiple core processes such as sales, payroll and accounting.

With the help of UOB Smart Business*, Jazzbi Chew, the young and ambitious founder of interior design firm Zcube in Malaysia is able to track project workflows and approve expenses in real-time.
Audrey Chew, the fourth generation owner of a Singapore hawker-turned-manufacturing business - You Tiao Man, can now manage their business operations on one integrated platform and schedule deliveries more efficiently through UOB BizSmart.
Panya Tiemmuang and Wanchai Rattamasanaprapainow, partners of PW Tech in Thailand, are now able to get their sales orders approved in real-time and manage their inventory efficiently through UOB BizSmart

To learn more about UOB BizSmart/UOB Smart Business*, select the country where your business is incorporated:

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* Note: UOB SmartBusiness in UOB Malaysia refers to the equivalent of UOB BizSmart in Singapore and Thailand.
UOB BizSmart/UOB Smart Business Important Notes and Disclaimers apply.