Housing Loan

You may request for your current and last year’s statement through our UOB Contact Centre at 1800 388 2121 or via our Home Loan Specialist at any UOB Group branches. Kindly allow up to 7 business days for the statements to be mailed to your registered address with the Bank.

You will receive an annual loan statement (as at 31 December of the year) at the beginning of the following year.

Additional fees will apply for duplicate copies or statements dated more than one year ago.

As stated in the Letter of Offer, you have to give the Bank three months’ written notice to redeem your loan or pay three months’ interest in lieu of notice. Please appoint a lawyer to act for you in your loan redemption and to provide the date for completion. The Bank will appoint its lawyer to act for the Bank if your lawyer is not on Bank’s panel. The lawyer(s) will handle the legal documentation for the discharge of the mortgage and release of the title deed. Please check your Letter of Offer for any applicable fees/refunds to be made to the Bank. Please also note that all legal fees (including fees for the discharge of mortgage) are to be borne by you.

During the redemption process, the Bank will provide only one preliminary statement to your lawyer three weeks before the completion date and one final redemption statement on the actual day of completion. Any subsequent requests for additional redemption statement(s) or changes in completion date will result in additional fees being imposed. Please note that you are required to serve a fresh notice to the Bank if your loan is not redeemed upon the expiry of the three months’ written notice.

Please note that the Bank will not accept any request for capital partial prepayment(s) after we have received your notice of redemption. Any capital partial prepayment notice(s) received prior to our receipt of your redemption notice will be treated as cancelled.

The Bank’s final claims may include any unpaid insurance premium and related borrowings such as credit card overdue amount. Your cashier’s order(s) for your full settlement must be received by the Bank before 10am on the day immediately after the date of completion, otherwise additional interest will be payable. For a completion date that falls on a Friday (before the weekend) or the eve of a public holiday, you may arrange with your solicitor to provide advance written authorization to the Bank to debit from your designated account. This will avoid payment of additional interest accruing over the weekend or public holiday.

If your credit facilities or loan is fully paid-up, you may wish to engage a lawyer to discharge your mortgage with the Bank. Otherwise, please note that there is an annual custody fee payable for Title Deeds that continue to be kept with the Bank.

Please liaise directly with your insurance provider if you wish to terminate your fire insurance policy after your loan redemption.

Please submit your written instruction to our Home Loan Specialist at any UOB Group branches. A processing fee will be applicable. Your request will be subject to credit approval.

How to apply

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For Singaporeans and PRs:
Click on "APPLY NOW" to apply for a new UOB Home Loan with forms pre-filled by retrieving your personal information with MyInfo. Applications submitted between 8.30am to 9pm daily will be processed instantly. Applications received outside these times will be processed the next working day.  

For Foreigners and U.S. Persons:
Please leave us with your details so we can contact and assist you.

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Car Loan

We regret to inform that once loan is disbursed, guarantor cannot be removed from the loan account.

Yes. Main applicant is required to submit a letter for the change of guarantor and request will be subjected to review and approval. If request is approved, a $ 1,000 processing fee will be billed.

To find out your loan application status or any queries on your loan application, please refer to your respective car dealer/car salesman.

Currently UOB does not provide financing for handicapped/caregiver car loan.

Customers are unable to perform a partial prepayment for a car loan.

UOB does not offer conversion from UBER loan to personal car loan.

There are 4 modes of payment:

  1. GIRO – fill up the form and return to UOB
  2. UOB Internet Banking
  3. Cash Payment over branch counter
  4. Cheque Payment

Customer is required to write in to the bank to appeal and if appeal is successful, a $1,000 processing fee will be billed.

Customer may write to:

United Overseas Bank Limited
80 Raffles Place #13-00 UOB Plaza 1 Singapore 048624
Attn: Car Financing Department

Information to be included in the appeal letter:

> Loan Account Name
> Loan Account No
> Requested payment date
> Cheque with the amount $ 1,000 to be payable to UOB Ltd

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