Yes, you can use your local ATM card to withdraw cash in UOB ATMs in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Overseas cash withdrawals and balance enquiries can be performed at all UOB ATMs in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The same cash withdrawal limit applies when you are using your card overseas. For example: if your current cash withdrawal limit is S$3000 per day, then this limit will apply whenever you use your card in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

There is no transaction fee for using this service. ATM withdrawals are free of charge if withdrawals are made via UOB ATMs at Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

You may view the foreign and home currency withdrawal details in your statement of accounts.

If you encounter any problems when using your card while overseas, please contact UOB Singapore Contact Centre at 1800 222 2121 to report your case. Alternatively, you may also contact the Bank when you return to Singapore. Kindly note the location of the ATM and the ATM number for investigation purposes.

The turnaround time for settling inter-country cash discrepancies is about 2 weeks.

Please kindly note that you can enable overseas ATM card withdrawal via Personal Internet Banking.

Kindly login to Personal Internet Banking and select the following options:

Account Services > Manage Cards > click on the icon below Action of the card you with to enable the overseas withdrawal feature > click on the enable box > select Start Date > Submit

We wish to highlight that only active cards with ATM access will be displayed.

Alternatively, you may go to any UOB ATM or visit any UOB Branch to activate the overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal option. You may also wish to contact our 24 hour hotline at +65 63868188.

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