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"A work of art that did not begin in emotions is not art."
- Paul Cézanne

UOB Art Space at Art Fairs

The UOB Art Space displays artworks from our UOB Art Collection and provides opportunities for winning artists from the UOB Painting of Year competition and the UOB Art In Ink Awards to present their artworks at international art fairs.  
UOB Art Space at 2019 S.E.A. Focus (Singapore)
UOB Art Space at 2019 FutureLab (China)
UOB Art Space at 2019 Art Central (Hong Kong)
UOB Art Space at 2018 Art Central (Hong Kong)
UOB Art Space at 2017 Art Central (Hong Kong)

Painting of the Year

Driven by a passion to encourage talented artists in their creative pursuits, UnitedOverseas Bank (UOB) started the Painting of the Year competition in Singapore in 1982.Today, the annual art competition is the longest-running in Singapore and one of the most prestigious in Southeast Asia.
Held in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, the UOB Painting of the Year competition has helped to uncover a new generation of Southeast Asian artists and contributed to greater awareness and appreciation of art.

Mr Goh Beng Kwan, one of Singapore’s masters of modern art, was the inaugural winner of the competition in 1982. Mr Goh went on to receive Singapore’s most distinguished art award, the Cultural Medallion, in 1989. Other well-known artist who won the competition are the late Mr Anthony Poon and Mr Chua Ek Kay in 1983 and1991 respectively. Both artists are recipients of the Singapore Cultural Medallion.
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