Building and Deepening Long-term Relationships / Connecting Businesses  to New Frontiers in ASEAN and Beyond

Connecting Businesses to New Frontiers in ASEAN and Beyond

As the one bank for ASEAN, we partner companies as they seize the region’s immense growth opportunities. Through us, businesses make the right connections, open up new frontiers of trade, increase their distribution channels and explore new avenues for expansion. 
Southeast Asia is a hub of robust trade activity – data from the ASEAN Secretariat shows that trade in goods and services amounted to US$4.1 trillion in 2021. Economic growth and cross-border trade flows are expected to remain strong in the decades to come, underpinned by consistent incoming foreign direct investments (FDI), which hit US$179 billion in 2021.
With an extensive network of around 500 offices in 19 countries and territories, we seamlessly support businesses that wish to expand in the region. Our wide range of services are informed by our deep sector expertise and complemented by our strong local market knowledge. Our clients can tap our products and solutions from any single point of entry across our global network.

In 2022, our cross-border revenue grew 12 per cent. 

To achieve our target of being the number one bank for cross-border trade needs in ASEAN, we are investing $500 million in cash management, financial supply chain management and payments capabilities. 
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