Technology, Media & Telecommunications

  • Asia’s technology, media and telecommunications sector continues to see exciting developments with competition in the e-commerce market, virtual reality and new technology services.

    Convergence in the industry is also resulting in the evolution and transformation of traditional technology, media and telecommunications businesses.

Industry Perspectives


We conducted a survey with 300 key decision makers across Southeast Asia (64%), Mainland China and Hong Kong (36%) to navigate the macro risk landscape given the current uncertainties.

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The TMT sector is one of the main targets of the US tariffs, with technology and devices featured in every round. These increasing challenges facing the sector have impacted the value chain and could potentially provide opportunities for diversification into Southeast Asia.

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Telecommunication companies (telcos) are moving from being pure utility players to digital players. As digital enablers, telcos need to remain competitive in order to emerge as the best service provider in the market.

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Convenience is a key driver of the sharing economy due to smartphone usage, number of apps, lack of time and cost savings. The sharing economy is made up of four key pillars – content, hospitality and real-estate,
retail/e-commerce and ride-hailing.

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Looking at global events, shifts in mindsets and more, this report will share UOB’s take on megatrends and the impact of these trends across industries.

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Video: The future of
telecommunication companies

Over-the-top (OTT) service providers, 5G investments and challenges in using content are just some of the factors pushing telcos to evolve into digital players.

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Watch this video on the future of telecommunication companies.