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  • Infographic on Digital Transformation: Reshaping the way we workInfographic on Digital Transformation: Reshaping the way we work

    Infographic on Digital Transformation: Reshaping the way we work

    With disruptions facing the world today, enterprises need to move away from traditional business models to grow. This infographic illustrates the benefits of having a digital transformation strategy and how UOB’s ASSESS framework can guide enterprises on this journey.

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  • Asia’s technology, media and telecommunications sector continues to see exciting developments with competition in the e-commerce market, virtual reality and new technology services.

    Convergence in the industry is also resulting in the evolution and transformation of traditional technology, media and telecommunications businesses.

  • UOB Sustainable FinancingUOB Sustainable Financing

    Integrating sustainability into your business strategy can be complex. UOB simplifies sustainable financing for business by empowering you with insights and tools, providing a streamlined and transparent process, and tailoring solutions that meet your needs.

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Industry Perspectives


As a result of the ongoing geopolitical tensions, the attention has shifted to ASEAN as many players start to shift their production capabilities outside of China and into ASEAN markets. Malaysia is one of the key beneficiaries of this shift and continues to be a major hub for chip testing and packaging. This report provides details on how Malaysia has benefited from this shift and why there’s increasing potential for companies in Malaysia to grow in the semiconductor space.

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China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been presenting great opportunities in promoting economic cooperation and connectivity with major markets across the world. Find out more about China's recent conclusion of its 14th Five-Year Plan, developments of BRI-related projects and trades, and an update on recent events surrounding the escalation of the China-US tensions.

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With disruptions facing the world today, enterprises need to move away from traditional business models to survive. Digital transformation (DX) is now happening at a much faster rate than before, as enterprises adapt to new restrictive conditions set out by their governments.

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The TMT sector is one of the main targets of the US tariffs, with technology and devices featured in every round. These increasing challenges facing the sector have impacted the value chain and could potentially provide opportunities for diversification into Southeast Asia.

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Telecommunication companies (telcos) are moving from being pure utility players to digital players. As digital enablers, telcos need to remain competitive in order to emerge as the best service provider in the market.

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Convenience is a key driver of the sharing economy due to smartphone usage, number of apps, lack of time and cost savings. The sharing economy is made up of four key pillars – content, hospitality and real-estate,
retail/e-commerce and ride-hailing.

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Looking at global events, shifts in mindsets and more, this report will share UOB’s take on megatrends and the impact of these trends across industries.

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Video: The future of
telecommunication companies

Over-the-top (OTT) service providers, 5G investments and challenges in using content are just some of the factors pushing telcos to evolve into digital players.

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Watch this video on the future of telecommunication companies.



Singapore Fintech Festival 2021
As part of UOB's participation at Singapore Fintech Festival 2021, a webinar was held to share how the bank is enabling digital transformation.

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UOB & idEA Conference 2019
UOB and the Indonesian E-Commerce Association co-organised an event to share about Indonesia’s huge potential as a key export and manufacturing hub, and how UOB can support the growth of digital platforms in this market.

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