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  • Various influences are shaping the outlook of the region’s real estate and hospitality sector. With technology, deeper insights into the preferences and needs of people are available. Furthermore, the growing importance ESG (environment, social and governance) has contributed to the rise of green buildings.

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Industry Perspectives


China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been presenting great opportunities in promoting economic cooperation and connectivity with major markets across the world. Find out more about China's recent conclusion of its 14th Five-Year Plan, developments of BRI-related projects and trades, and an update on recent events surrounding the escalation of the China-US tensions.

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With disruptions facing the world today, enterprises need to move away from traditional business models to survive. Digital transformation (DX) is now happening at a much faster rate than before, as enterprises adapt to new restrictive conditions set out by their governments.

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We conducted a survey with 300 key decision makers across Southeast Asia (64%), Mainland China and Hong Kong (36%) to navigate the macro risk landscape given the current uncertainties.

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After a prolonged weakness induced by excessive supply, prospects for Singapore’s hospitality sector have brightened amid booming tourism in ASEAN. However, the rising sharing economy has led to new lodging formats and more differentiated offerings that could impact Singapore hotels.

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Developers in Asia are building more green buildings and retrofitting existing ones to a market accepted green standard. Benefits of green buildings include a reduction in asset operating costs and more.

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In July 2018, the Singapore government announced cooling measures to rein in market exuberance characterised by the hive of residential en bloc sales activity in the past year. According to the latest statistics from the Urban Redevelopment Authority's (URA), prices are expected to remain flattish with some single-digit downside bias.

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Looking at global events, shifts in mindsets and more, this report will share UOB’s take on megatrends and the impact of these trends across industries.

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Video: Why green buildings?
There are numerous factors contributing to the growth of green buildings. For example, governments have launched initiatives to guide the market towards greater sustainability. This video will also delve into some of the benefits of green buildings such as reduction in asset to operation costs and how this can lead to an uplift in asset valuation.

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Watch this video on green buildings.