Construction & Infrastructure

  • Investments in the industry have been the main impetus for economic development in Asian countries. Further, there is growing emphasis on the use of renewable energy such as solar energy. To support trade and industry growth, the region will need to continue upskilling its labour force.


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Industry Perspectives


We conducted a survey with 300 key decision makers across Southeast Asia (64%), Mainland China and Hong Kong (36%) to navigate the macro risk landscape given the current uncertainties.

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Renewable energy capacity growth is expected to outpace non-renewable energy sources. In Southeast Asia, rooftop solar power in particular is enjoying strong growth due to favourable regulations and incentives by selected governments in Southeast Asia.

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Electricity demand in Southeast Asia (SEA) is expected to grow at twice the rate of the global average from 2016 to 2040, driven mainly by increasing population and urbanisation, rising income, economic growth and improved electricity access. Many Southeast Asian countries are looking to increase their renewable energy capacities through attractive incentives.

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Malaysia's operating landscape has changed significantly post the 2018 landmark election. With the country's infrastructure needs and spending still robust, there are selective opportunities in renewable energy, infrastructure and affordable housing.

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Looking at global events, shifts in mindsets and more, this report will share UOB’s take on megatrends and the impact of these trends across industries.

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Video: Southeast Asia power & renewables outlook
ASEAN will be the world's fourth largest energy consumer by 2030. The region's projected energy source from renewables is expected to rise to meet growing electricity demand.

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Watch this video on Southeast Asia's power & renewables outlook.