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UOB eAlerts! is an email alert service that informs you about your account balances and alerts you of specific account activities, helping you to manage your accounts better.



  • Monitor cash flow and trade transactions on-the-go
  • Manage your cash flow better with real-time notifications for selected account related activities
  • Manage your trade transactions more efficiently with notifications on the status of your trade transaction at every stage
  • Waiver of monthly subscription for all Trade alerts and Cash email alerts
  • Supports both local and overseas mobile numbers

Type of Alerts


Cash alerts

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Trade alerts

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  • Account Balance - Receive notifications on your account balance, so that you are aware of your available funds for disbursements and investments.
  • Account Balance Below/Above Threshold - Get alerted immediately when your account balance falls below/above the threshold. This enables you to make timely decisions to manage your account and disbursements to ensure sufficient funds in your account.
  • Incoming Funds - Receive notifications of incoming funds to your account exceeding the threshold amount. This saves you time and effort in monitoring incoming funds.
  • Debit Notification - Receive notifications of any debits from your account exceeding the threshold amount. This helps you to manage your cash outflows with greater certainty.
  • Bankers Guarantee (BG) - Follow up promptly on the release of the Bankers' Guarantee to the beneficiary upon receiving the notification.
  • Trust Receipts - Receive notifications of your approved import loan or invoice financing, enabling you to better manage your cash flow.
  • Reminders to pay Inward Bills and Import Loan - Receive reminders two days before your inward bills (LC and non-LC) and import loan or invoice financing are due for payment for better management of your cash flow and payments.
  • Letter of Credit Advice - Receive notifications regarding your export LCs advised through UOB.
  • Inward Bills - Receive notifications of all inward bills, both LC and non-LC, so you can promptly arrange for acceptance or settlement.
  • Incoming Trade Receipts - Receive alerts on export receipts credited to your UOB accounts for better cash flow management.
  • Letter of Credit Issuance - Follow up with your supplier immediately for shipment as soon as you receive notification that your import LC has been issued.

Requirements / Fees

To apply for UOB eAlerts!, you will require a corporate Current Account in any currency offered by UOB in Hong Kong and an email address. For Trade Alerts service, you will require an approved trade credit facility with UOB.

Monthly Subscription Charges

Alert Service Cash Alerts
(Per Account)
Trade Alerts
For Each Email Address Waived Waived


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