UOB Cash Sweep

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    Centralise cash flows to optimise group funds


UOB Cash Sweep service is an automated funds transfer solution that centralises your cash positions for better control and visibility of your group cash balances.



Centralised treasury control

Consolidated view of liquidity freeing up resources for other key liquidity activities.


Optimise group funds

Gather all balances in a corporate group to a single account for investing your consolidated capital at a higher yield, thus reducing borrowing costs.


Automated sweep

Eliminate the need for manual monitoring of balances and funds transfer.

How It Works

  • Balances across your accounts are physically transferred into and out of a central "Primary" account on an automated basis at pre-defined timing.
  • Surplus funds are moved to the Primary account and deficit positions funded from the Primary account.
  • Comprehensive reports are available to summarise sweep transactions.

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