by Joanne Pang
Mixed media on cotton
140 x 150 cm
Ms Pang’s painting, “/”, is the design inspiration for this year’s Annual Report. The artist is a lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and her painting received the Gold award in the Established Artist Category in the 2018 UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore) competition.

The painting title is also meant to be read as “either… or” and represents a strike in motion. It reflects the artist’s movements between action and inaction during the painting process as well as captures the concept of time passing and stopping. Through technique and medium, her painting strokes express the impact of force, dynamism and transformation.

The essence of the painting captures UOB’s approach to banking where due consideration is given before timely decisions are made for optimal impact.

UOB’s support of art is a natural extension of our commitment to our stakeholders in the communities in which we operate. The UOB Painting of the Year competition, in its 37th year in 2018, is the Bank’s flagship art programme held across four Southeast Asian countries.
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