2018 Highlights

  • Retrofitted more than 14,000 square metres (m2) of workspace with more energy- and water-efficient features;
  • Introduced Managed Print Services (MPS) across offices in Singapore, which enabled us to save 5,600 reams of paper, equivalent to 12 tonnes of paper or 330 trees;
  • Achieved annual savings exceeding 442,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) by installing more energy-efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting at our Thailand headquarters building in Bangkok;
  • Achieved annual reductions of almost 140,000 kWh through the use of natural lighting in restrooms at our Indonesia headquarters building in Jakarta;
  • Generated annual savings of about 55,000 kWh by installing smart day-night lighting controls at the carpark of our China headquarters building in Shanghai; and
  • Stopped the purchase of plastic cups in Singapore to reduce consumption of single-use plastics.
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