The painting on the cover of this year’s Annual Report is a reminder to us all that we must consider carefully the environment in which we operate and the forces at play before striking (/) at the right moment. It resonates with UOB’s stance of staying disciplined, focused and nimble, as we seek and implement innovative solutions amid an increasingly digital and disrupted world. We consider the risks and rewards of any given opportunity. We also balance innovation and growth with stability in building our franchise sustainably.

Our discipline is derived from our time-tested values of Honour, Enterprise, Unity and Commitment. They are the foundation on which we have built UOB over eight decades and have been guiding the decisions we make and the actions we take. They underpin our unwavering focus on the fundamentals of our business: always putting our customers at the centre, building on our regional infrastructure, harnessing technology and digital solutions to make banking simpler, smarter and safer and making strategic investments for the future. Core to our approach is maintaining a strong balance sheet so that we can support our customers through economic cycles.
Wee Ee Cheong
Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
February 2019
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