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01 February 2024

Global Markets Economic Forum 2024

In 2024, the economic climate continues to soften, with changing interest rates, slower growth, geopolitics and interconnected challenges. Find out more in the following videos from the forum hosted by our Global Markets and Group Wholesale Bank on 01 February.

Fireside Chat with DPM Heng Swee Keat:
Future Growth Engines for ASEAN - View

2024 Macroeconomic Outlook: - View

Panel Discussion:
Finding the Sweet Spot in China & ASEAN - View



11 January 2023

Global Markets Economic Forum 2023

With falling Asian currencies and other risks, what will be the regional outlook for 2023? How can businesses be flexible and resilient enough to turn these risks into opportunities? We are sharing the clips here for those who missed the forum hosted by our Global Markets and Group Wholesale Bank on 11 January.

2023 Macroeconomic Outlook: - View

Panel Discussion:
Turning risk into resilience - View

Fireside Chat:
Opportunities and risks for ASEAN and China in the coming decade - View



12 January 2022

2022 Start of Year Webinar Series

Our Global Markets and Group Wholesale Bank hosted a webinar on 12 January titled: 2022 Start of Year Macro and Markets – What do Omicron, rate hikes and innovation have in common? We are sharing the clips here for those who missed it.

Global Economic Outlook 2022:
Key Themes and Opportunities - View

Fireside Chat 1:
Sustainability & Asset Tokenisation - Why do they matter? - View

Fireside Chat 2:
Trends in FX and Interest Rates - View

23 January 2020

Economic & Market Outlook 2020 (Part 2)

This is part 2 of our Economic & Market Outlook 2020. In part 1, we discussed that though uncertainties still linger, economic outlook is stabilizing.

What does this imply for our FX, interest rates and commodities outlook? Watch the video as our Market Strategists outline their thoughts for 2020.

For more insights on what to watch out for 2020, and how you can navigate in this challenging environment, download our 1Q2020 Quarterly Global Outlook report.



20 January 2020

Economic & Market Outlook 2020 (Part 1)

This is part 1 of our 2-part Economic & Market Outlook 2020 video series.

Hear from our team of Economists as they share their insights on the trade issues between US and China, Brexit outcomes and closer to home, Singapore’s economic performance this year.

Stay tune for part 2 of our video which focuses on our FX, interest rates and commodities views.

07 January 2020

Economic & Market Outlook 2020 (Introduction)

In 2019, major economies as well as Asian central banks have responded to the weaker growth and uncertain trade environment by easing monetary policies.

Heading into 2020, what are the central themes and key risks? Watch our introduction video to find out more. Subsequently, we will be releasing our Economic & Market Outlook 2020 video in 2-parts in the next 2 weeks, stay tune!



08 October 2019

Slower Growth, Lower Rates And Its Implications

Many key economies across the world are facing the negative impact of growth slowdown and export contraction amidst a lower interest rates environment.

Hear from Mr Alvin Liew, Senior Economist and Mr Victor Yong, Interest Rates Strategist, on how you can diversify in this challenging environment. For further insights do read our 4Q2019 Quarterly Global Outlook report.

06 June 2019

China's Retaliation Intensifies Trade Tension

On 1 June, China has increased its tariff rate on US$60bn of its imports from the US, in response to US imposing higher additional tariffs on US$200bn of Chinese goods in May.

In this video, we take a closer look at the US-China trade tensions and its implications. Our Strategists Mr Heng Koon How, Mr Peter Chia together with Economist Ms Ho Woei Chen, will endeavour to answer some of the key questions.

29 April 2019

The Monetary Authority of Singapore Kept Policy
Unchanged In Expected Move As Growth Slows

At its semiannual monetary policy statement on 12 April 2019, the MAS kept the appreciation slope, width and centre for the S$NEER unchanged. The move was in line with our expectation given the cautious economic growth & benign inflation outlook.

For further discussion on the Singapore’s economy and our expectation for next MAS meeting in October, watch the video by our Economist, Barnabas Gan. 

07 March 2019

Singapore Budget 2019
Supporting SMEs And Emphasis On Healthcare

Overall, this is a comprehensive budget that provides
support to the businesses, helping them to scale-up and addressing healthcare concerns to cater for the ageing population.

Watch our video as our Economists, Alvin and Woei Chen highlight some of the key measures and discuss the impact on businesses and individuals.

31 January 2019

Will There Be Even More Volatility Ahead
For FX And Rates In 2019?

2019 began on a very interesting note for financial markets, with a strong equity rally as well as a sharp rebound in Asian currencies. However, investors remain concerned over the uncertain US-China trade talks as well as the global and China growth slowdown. Will the Fed stop hiking interest rates?

Our Head of Markets Strategy, Heng Koon How, will answer the above and other pertinent questions in his video.

11 December 2018

Quarterly Global Outlook 1Q2019

We have just released our Quarterly Global Outlook 1Q2019 report. Watch the video as our Head of Markets Strategy, Heng Koon How and Senior Economist, Alvin Liew discussed on macro, FX, rates and commodities for 2019.

For further insights on what to watch for 2019, and how you can seize opportunities and navigate challenges in this ever-changing environment. Please read our Full Report.

29 November 2018

US-China Trade Tension
And Its Impact On ASEAN

The ongoing trade tension between the US and China is anticipated to prevail for some time. How would this impact your investments and business roadmap?

Hear from Suan Teck Kin, Head of Research, as he sheds light on US-China trade tension and how to navigate in this challenging environment.