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Malaysia’s New Energy Policy (2022 – 2040) clearly sets out the nation’s goal to reduce peak land transport emissions and to strengthen the local EV ecosystem. To do so, the government has set out these key targets1

  • 2025: 10,000 units of Charging Facilities built by 2025
  • 2030: 15% of EV out of the total industry volume (TIV)
  • 2040: 38% of EV out of the TIV

To encourage the adoption of EV in line with New Energy Policy (2022 – 2040), U-Drive provides a comprehensive set of solutions and partnerships across the EV ecosystem, including dealers, charging operators, fleet owners, individuals, etc.

1Source: National Energy Policy, 2022-2040


Financing the EV ecosystem

Automotive OEMs

The average EV requiring 40% fewer parts than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, hence, automotive original equipment manufacturers (auto OEMs) will need to make changes to their supply chains and/or business models to cater to the new product range.

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As the demand for EVs is set to rise, auto dealers will need to start expanding on their EV offerings to capture this opportunity.

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EV Charging Infrastructure Solution Providers

Operation of public or commercial charging infrastructure involves more than technical and execution excellence. Solution providers will need to look beyond to also consider customer experience and sales generation.

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With U-Drive, auto OEMs can tap on bundled and flexible sustainable financing solutions that are customised to

  • Support auto OEMs and the ecosystem
  • Smoothen the switch to manufacturing of EVs

Get in touch with us on the customised solutions available for auto OEMS.


With U-Drive, dealers can tap on bundled and flexible sustainable financing solutions to go-to-market and drive sales with:

  • Co-sponsorship with UOB to offer exclusive promotions
  • Expand the range of EVs at your dealership

Get in touch with us on financing for dealers.


With U-Drive, get connected to more dealers and end-users, and tap on this opportunity to be a leading EV Charging Infrastructure Solution Provider with:

  • Comprehensive suite of cash and payment solutions
  • Opportunity to co-sponsor charging credits
  • Establish partnerships with dealers and auto brands

Get in touch with us on the financing solutions as an EV Charging Infrastructure Solution Provider.


EV Charging Infrastructure Equipment Providers

Public and private EV Charging Infrastructure must keep pace with EV adoption and equipment suppliers are most suitable to address this pain point for fleet owners and individual EV owners.

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Fleet Owners

Stay ahead of the curve and start switching to an electric vehicle fleet. Forward thinking fleet owners can start reaping the benefits of electrifying their operations such as reduced expenditure on fuel and improved operational efficiency.

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Play a part in saving the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

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With U-Drive, get connected to more dealers and end-users and let your EV charging equipment be the preferred charger of choice. With U-Drive you can:

  • Get access to green trade facilities
  • Establish partnerships with dealers and auto brands

Get in touch with us to find out how we can supercharge your business as an EV Charging Infrastructure Equipment Provider.


With U-Drive, fleet owners can finance their purchase of EV and charging infrastructure, enjoy:

  • Exclusive promotions and charging benefits from U-Drive partners
  • Recognition as an environmentally responsible business

Get in touch with us on the green term loan for fleet owners.


With U-Drive, individuals can enjoy the benefits offered under the

  • Longer installment plan for the down payment of your EV purchase
  • 0% IPP (Instalment Payment Plan) for EV charging equipment

Get in touch with us to find out more!


Frequently Asked Questions

U-Drive focuses on green and sustainable financing for the EV ecosystem from Auto OEMs, Auto Dealers, Charging Operators/Installers to End-Users.

Yes, it can be bundled. Please contact us to find out more.

Vehicles with tailpipe emission of 50g CO2/km and below (including zero tailpipe emission battery electric vehicles).

All EV brands can be financed under U-Drive.

Find out more about the U-Drive financing solutions for your electrification journey

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