Annual Report 2017

Strategic Priorities

Capitalising on Regional  Growth Drivers

Fulfilling consumers’ financial needs with the right solutions in the manner they prefer
  • Helping our customers safeguard their assets and achieve sustainable yield;
  • Ensuring our customers benefit from financial solutions designed to suit their lifestyles, life stages and aspirations;
  • Enabling our customers to grow and to preserve their wealth for the next generation; and
  • Ensuring our products and services are fair, accessible and inclusive.
Facilitating business growth in the region by providing greater connectivity and specialisation in key sectors
  • Leveraging our strong regional franchise, deep local knowledge and industry expertise to help our clients seize intra-regional business and investment opportunities;
  • Building an ecosystem of partners to support businesses through market cycles and growth stages;
  • Providing holistic and integrated solutions to our clients through enhanced products, channels and industry specialisation; and
  • Partnering financial institutions as they grow in Asia.

Strengthening Our Enablers to Sustain Business Growth

Caring for the growth of our colleagues
  • Nurturing an innovative and entrepreneurial culture to stay competitive;
  • Investing in training and careers for our colleagues to be able and agile to seize the opportunities before them;
  • Attracting and retaining enterprising minds with the right values and passion for exceptional service; and
  • Developing high-performing and engaged professionals.
Enhancing our digital capabilities and technology systems to make banking simpler, smarter, and safer
  • Offering our customers intuitive and seamless connectivity and service across different touchpoints and geographies;
  • Harnessing financial technology to create innovative solutions for consumers and businesses;
  • Enhancing monitoring and risk systems continually to combat cybersecurity threats and to maintain a secure banking environment;
  • Turning data and insights into distinctive experiences that matter to our customers; and
  • Streamlining processes to increase productivity and performance and to enhance our customers’ experience.

Balancing Growth with Stability

Ensuring prudent management of capital, credit and risk
  • Maintaining robust capital and risk management processes and practices;
  • Preserving strong capital adequacy levels to support business growth in a prudent and disciplined manner;
  • Broadening funding sources and diversifying our investor base;
  • Promoting and implementing sustainable and responsible practices in support of long-term economic and social development; and
  • Upholding our risk-focused culture and the highest professional and ethical standards to do what is right for all our stakeholders through organisational policies, processes and practices.