Annual Report 2017


UOB’s heritage and values define and drive our customer-centric approach to building our business across the region. We are committed to acting in the best interests of our customers and to helping them meet their financial, business and lifestyle goals by providing the most appropriate solutions and services that suit their needs. As we harness technology to make banking simpler, smarter and safer for our customers, we also ensure that every digital experience is wrapped in the warmth of the human touch.
Our values guide all that we do and ensure that we act in the best interests of our customers.

Our Customer Commitments

We are guided by four customer commitments built on our values of being Honourable, Enterprising, United and Committed.

Treat You Fairly

We maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in all our dealings with our customers. We have uncompromising discipline, clarity and courage to do what is right for them and to make every decision in their best interest.

Provide You with the Right Solution

We draw on our experience, insight and entrepreneurial spirit to provide our customers with solutions that help them achieve their financial goals and aspirations, and manage their daily and future requirements, however simple or complex.

Know You Personally

We learn our customers’ preferences and know what matters to them with every interaction. By understanding them better, we anticipate our customers’ needs and offer them the most relevant financial solutions.

Be There When It Matters

We always stand by our customers and this is enabled by our long-term business approach, strength and stability.
Participants of a Fair Dealing workshop in Singapore.
Treating You Fairly
Providing You with the Right Solution
Knowing You Personally
Being There When It Matters
Our Approach to Making a Difference for Our Customers