Annual Report 2017


The decisions we make and the actions we take are guided by our values of Honour, Enterprise, Unity and Commitment. This is also expressed in how we care for the professional and personal development of our colleagues across the organisation. We are dedicated to building a culture where our colleagues are empowered to make a positive and meaningful difference in what they do for our internal and external stakeholders. We do this by fostering an inclusive, prudent, progressive and high-performing organisation that encourages the best of each individual from our team of principled professionals.
We are committed to developing among our colleagues a sense of belonging to UOB.

Our Employee Commitments

Our values give us a shared sense of identity and belonging, and our four employee commitments encourage us to keep raising the standards of our behaviour and performance in service of our customers.

Do What Is Right

We do what is right for all of our stakeholders and make decisions that are in the best interests of our organisation, our people and our customers.

Build Meaningful Careers

We encourage enterprise and ambition at all levels. We believe in bringing out the best in everyone through professional development and empowering people to take ownership of their career paths.

Make a Real Difference

Our unwavering commitment to upholding the UOB values is reflected in how our colleagues serve our customers and our communities with passion. We are here to make a real difference to shape our future and to add value to the lives we touch.

Lead by Positive Example

Our leaders act as role models, guiding teams to take on challenges and to take ownership of their actions. Together, we focus on enabling the success and advancement of individuals and teams.

2017 Highlights

Introduced UOB+you, our distinctive employee value proposition designed to help attract, to engage and to retain people with the right values and mindset;
Conducted a Group-wide Employee Survey to gather feedback on how well we live up to our values;
Launched our Leadership Right By You programme to equip managers with the skills to become a distinctive UOB Leader;
Launched the inaugural UOB Honours Awards where we recognised 15 teams for their achievements in living our values and celebrated the dedication of more than 850 long-serving colleagues across the Group;
Recognised 85 individual colleagues and 28 teams across the Group for being role models at our UOB Customer Commitments Awards;
Enhanced flexible work arrangements with the introduction of Flexi2 and Work from Home initiatives across the Group;
Enhanced paternity and parental leave to improve work-life harmony for employees; and
Received 10 industry awards across China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand for outstanding human resources and workplace practices.
Doing What is Right
Building Meaningful Careers
Making a Real Difference
Leading by Positive Example
Diversity of Our People