Annual Report 2017

Investment Management

UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) offers a comprehensive suite of products, from unit trusts and exchange-traded funds to customised portfolio management services across asset classes and geographies, to individual and institutional investors in Asia.  

UOB Venture Management (UOBVM) focuses on investing in high-growth, privately-held companies in Southeast Asia and Greater China through private equity funds.

2017 Highlights

UOB Alternative Investment Management (UOBAIM) was restructured as part of UOBAM Group, adding its alternative investment products and services to UOBAM’s range of investment solutions;
Included environmental and social considerations into UOBAM’s securities evaluation and approval process for our equities portfolio, and launched the United Thai Equity Corporate Governance Fund in Thailand to promote sustainable investing;
Partnered T. Rowe Price International Ltd. (T. Rowe Price) to offer retail investors opportunities to tap long-term growth trends in technology and innovation through the United Global Technology Fund (UGTF);
Launched UOBAM Invest, Singapore’s first digital advisory service for companies to manage their discretionary investments. UOB’s Group Commercial Banking clients were the first to access UOBAM’s portfolio solutions through the service;
Recognised as a leading asset manager in Asia with UOBAM receiving more than 10 awards from across the region, including Best Fixed Income Fund House at the Morningstar Singapore Fund Awards 2017;
Added to UOBVM’s investee portfolio by leading the Series B financing for Ruangguru, an Indonesian education technology (EdTech) start-up that provides students across Indonesia affordable access to quality educational content; and
Supported the promotion of inclusive financing in Myanmar by investing in a microfinance institution, Alliance for Microfinance in Myanmar Ltd (Alliance Myanmar), through the Asia Impact Investment Fund (AIIF), a collaboration between UOBVM and Credit Suisse AG, Singapore Branch (Credit Suisse).
2017 Performance
UOB Asset Management
UOB Venture Management