U-Solar programme for residential

Today's households are becoming increasingly reliant on electronic devices and appliances, resulting in an increase in electricity consumption, rising electricity bills and a bigger carbon footprint. With U-Solar, you can enjoy electricity bill savings and reduce carbon emissions, without lowering your electricity consumption.



Save up to 37% on your electricity bill

Save up to 37% on your electricity bill

Use solar energy and achieve significant reductions off your electricity bill immediately.*

Cut your carbon footprint

Cut your carbon footprint

Reduce 2,142 kg of carbon emissions a year - the equivalent to planting 195 trees.*
*Based on estimates derived from UOB Group’s analysis across Asia.

Build a greener planet

Build a greener planet

Fight climate change by switching to a more sustainable source of energy.

Enjoy 0% interest-free monthly payments

Enjoy 0% interest-free monthly payments

Use your UOB Credit Card or UOB Cash Plus Card to enjoy an interest-free payment plan.

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit www.uob.co.th/U-solar-cards for details.

Trusted partners using quality equipment

Trusted partners using quality equipment

Only quality equipment will be used by UOB's solar partners.

Enjoy a one-stop solar solution

Enjoy a one-stop solar solution

UOB's solar partners will handle the assessment, installation and maintenance of the solar system.

Solar calculator



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How to apply

Switch to solar power in 3 simple steps!



Step 1 – Consultation, assessment and
site visit

Get in touch with one of UOB's solar partners for a consultation, assessment and rooftop inspection




Step 2 – Confirmation


Accept solar partner’s proposal and UOB’s financing scheme




Step 3 – Installation


Fix a date with the solar partner for your solar panel installation


U-Solar packages

Browse the latest solar packages offered by our solar partners and get in touch with them by clicking on ‘Contact solar partner’. 



  • Size of system: 1.56kWp – 100kWp
  • Potential monthly savings: from THB1,000 to THB61,500
  • Brand of module: Risen
  • Brand of inverter: Huawei and SMA
  • Promotion: Up to 24 months instalment payment
  • After sale service: 1 year maintenance service


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Zero Investment Package

  • Investment: Free
  • Ownership of solar system: Free transfer at the end of the contract
  • Equipment: Leading brands, tier 1 equipment
  • Warranty: Throughout the contract period
  • System and equipment maintenance: Free throughout the contract period

Smart Investment Package

  • Investment: Invest by yourself
  • Ownership of solar system: Upon installation and payment
  • Equipment: Leading brands, tier 1 equipment
  • Warranty: Solar panel 12 years, inverter 5-10 years, installation work 1 year
  • System and equipment maintenance: 3 years with free online monitoring system throughout the lifetime

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  • Size of system: 1.64 kWp to 40 kWp for both On-grid & Hybrid systems. For installation over 40 kWp, please refer to the Business package.
  • Potential monthly savings: THB 1,000 - THB 28,000 per month for 1.64 to 40 kWp system
  • Brand of module: Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, other brands with 25 year power output warranty
  • Brand of inverter: Enphase, Hoymiles or Huawei with at least 10 year product warranty
  • Promotion: 0% 10 months instalments available.

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Check out the U-Solar programme for business.
To view the U-Solar programme for other countries, please click here.

Note: In addition to the standard maintenance packages offered by our U-Solar partners, all buyers of the solar systems which take up the U-Solar end user financing, shall procure a maintenance package (from the U-Solar partners) equivalent to the tenor of the loan.

Disclaimer: While UOB reserves its rights to select the programme partners at its sole discretion, U-Solar partners are solely responsible for the provision and quality of their products and services. UOB makes no representation or warranty whatsoever with respect to the programme partner's provision and/or quality of the products or services for any purpose or use.


U-Solar is a programme that provides a platform for you to view packages offered by UOB’s solar partners to simplify your switch to solar power.

U-Solar helps to reduce the upfront investment and provides you an appropriate financial solution.

There are no additional fees or charges associated with the U-Solar programme as it is a platform that connects you with the industry players.

Yes, you can pay with any UOB Credit Card issued by UOB (Thai) (except UOB Corporate Credit Card) and enjoy the 0% interest payment plan up to a maximum of 10 months OR you can enjoy 0% interest-free monthly payment up to a maximum of 24 months with UOB Cash Plus card.*
*Terms and conditions apply. Visit uob.co.th/U-solar-cards for details.

You are recommended to choose from our list of partners. For financing under the U-Solar programme, engagement of other service providers other than our partner, will be subject to UOB's assessment in its sole discretion.