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Today's households are becoming increasingly reliant on electronic devices and appliances, resulting in an increase in electricity consumption, rising electricity bills and a bigger carbon footprint. With U-Solar, you can enjoy electricity bill savings and reduce carbon emissions, without lowering your electricity consumption.



Save up to 37% on your electricity bill

Save up to 37% on your electricity bill

Use solar energy and achieve significant reductions off your electricity bill immediately.

Cut your carbon footprint

Cut your carbon footprint

2,142 kg of avoided carbon emissions a year - equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestered by 195 trees.

Build a greener planet

Build a greener planet

Fight climate change by switching to a more sustainable source of energy.

Enjoy 0% interest-free monthly payments

Enjoy 0% interest-free monthly payments

Use your UOB Credit Card to enjoy an interest-free payment plan for a period of up to 36 months*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit uob.com.sg/cards for details.

Trusted partners using quality equipment

Trusted partners using quality equipment

Only quality equipment will be used by UOB's solar partners.

Enjoy a one-stop solar solution

Enjoy a one-stop solar solution

UOB's solar partners will handle the assessment, installation and maintenance of the solar system so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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How to apply

Switch to solar power in 3 simple steps!



Step 1 – Consultation, assessment and
site visit

Get in touch with one of UOB's solar partners for a consultation, assessment and rooftop inspection




Step 2 – Confirmation


Accept solar partner's proposal and pay using a UOB credit card*

If you have a UOB Go Green Home Loan, you can use applicable U-Solar subsidies^ to offset your bill.

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit uob.com.sg/cards for details.
^Terms and conditions apply. Visit uob.com.sg/personal/borrow/property/mortgage-options/go-green-home-loan.page for details.




Step 3 – Installation


Fix a date with the solar partner for your solar panel installation


U-Solar Packages

Browse the latest solar packages offered by our solar partners and get in touch with them by clicking on 'Contact solar partner'.




  • Size of system: 5kWp and above
  • Potential monthly savings: From $120 (based on Singapore Power's Q4 2021 tariff)
  • Estimated cost: From $10,000
  • Brand of module: Jinko or any Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module (enjoy a 25-year power warranty)
  • Brand of inverter: SMA, Huawei, Fronius (enjoy a 5-year product warranty)
  • Any other promotions:
    - Complementary cross system integration service with EV Charging, Energy Storage and Energy Monitoring System to optimise the value of your Solar PV Asset.

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  • Size of system: 8kWp and above
  • Potential monthly savings: From $180 onwards
  • Estimated cost: From $16,000
  • Brand of module: Trina, Longi, Jinko
  • Brand of inverter: Huawei, Fronius, SMA
  • Any other promotions: Referral promotion available

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  • Size of system: 5kWp – 25kWp
  • Potential monthly savings from $100 to $450
  • Estimated cost: starting from $9,000
  • Brand of module: JA Solar, Jinko or any Bloomberg top tier modules with 25 year power warranty
  • Brand of inverter: Huawei or SMA with 5 years warranty


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  • Size of system: 5kWp and above
  • Potential monthly savings: From S$1,200 a month onwards
  • Brand of module: Major Brands such as JA Solar, Longi, Jinko, Trina, REC or any other Bloomberg Tier 1 PV modules. All solar modules come with 25 years warranty
  • Brand of inverter: SMA, Huawei, Fronius - Comes with 5 to 10 years extended warranty
  • Any other promotions:
    • Priority Express service delivery for U-Solar Customers
    • Enjoy exclusive discounts and free extended maintenance packages
    • Experience the full spectrum from renewable energy production to targeted usage with Electric Vehicle Charging, Clean Energy Monitoring and Smart Energy Allocation and Automation.

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  • Size of system: 10 kWp onwards
  • Potential monthly savings: depending on home’s energy usage
  • Brand of module: Jinko, JA Solar, Trina Solar. Product warranty up to 25 years
  • Brand of inverter: Huawei. Product warranty up to 10 years
  • Any other promotions: *Complimentary installation of home EV charger (AC). Terms and Conditions apply. *1 unit per household. Subject to site assessment.

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Check out the U-Solar programme for businesses.

Note: In addition to the standard maintenance packages offered by our U-Solar partners, all buyers of the solar systems take up the U-Solar end user financing, shall procure a maintenance package (from the U-Solar partners) equivalent to the tenor of the loan. These packages are based on estimates of 3.5 sun hours onwards and do not guarantee actual system production or savings. The system design may change based on a detailed engineering site survey. Actual photovoltaic (PV) system production will vary based on the final system size, design, configuration, electricity tariff and applicable rebates (if any).

Disclaimer: While UOB reserves its rights to select the programme partners at its sole discretion, U-Solar partners are solely responsible for the provision and quality of their products and services. UOB makes no representation or warranty whatsoever with respect to the programme partner's provision and/or quality of the products or services for any purpose or use.


If you are interested in becoming a U-Solar partner, contact us here


U-Solar is a programme that provides a platform for you to view packages offered by UOB’s solar partners to simplify your switch to solar power.

U-Solar helps to reduce the upfront investment required to start using solar power through our 0% interest payment plan of up to a maximum of 36 months. Subject to terms and conditions of UOB Credit Card used.

There are no additional fees or charges associated with the U-Solar programme as it is a platform that connects you with the industry players.

Yes, you can use any UOB Credit Card to qualify for the 0% interest payment plan.

You are recommended to choose from our list of partners. For financing under the U-Solar programme, engagement of other service providers other than our partner, will be subject to UOB's assessment in its sole discretion.