U-Solar programme for business

Rising production and operational costs are just one of the challenges that corporations today face. By switching to solar power, corporations can enjoy tax exemptions** including faster asset amortisation for investments in solar energy and enhanced branding as an ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) conscious business.

At UOB, we are committed to supporting you on your ESG journey by offering customisable financing schemes and a hassle-free bundled package through U-Solar.

**Please refer to www.depkeu.go.id for more details and the latest updates.



Save up to 25% on your electricity bill

Save up to 25% on your electricity bill

Use solar energy and achieve significant reductions off your electricity bill immediately.

Cut your carbon footprint

Cut your carbon footprint

Reduce 780 tonnes of carbon emissions - the equivalent of a car driving 70 revolutions around the earth.

Be recognised as a green company

Be recognised as a green company

Enjoy the enhanced reputation of employing green solutions.

Enjoy a one-stop solar solution

Enjoy a one-stop solar solution

UOB's solar partners will handle the assessment, installation and maintenance of the solar system so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Access flexible financing plans

Access flexible financing plans

UOB offers competitive financing plans to kick off your journey to sustainability.

Trusted partners using quality equipment

Trusted partners using quality equipment

Only quality equipment will be used by UOB's solar partners.

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How to apply

Switch to solar power in 3 simple steps!



Step 1 – Consultation, assessment and
site visit

Get in touch with one of UOB's solar partners for a consultation, assessment and rooftop inspection




Step 2 – Confirmation


Accept solar partner’s proposal and UOB’s financing scheme




Step 3 – Installation


Fix a date with the solar partner for your solar panel installation


U-Solar packages

Browse the latest solar packages offered by our solar partners and get in touch with them by clicking on ‘Contact solar partner’.


  • On-Grid, Hybrid, or Off-Grid Solar Power System for Commerical & Industrial
  • Tier 1 PV Module: Jinko Solar, JA Solar, Longi, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar with 12-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty
  • Inverter: Huawei, Sungrow, Growatt with minimal 5-year product warranty PV Module mounted on Rooftop, Concrete Roof, Carport, Ground Mounted, and Floating device
  • Battery: Growatt, Hope. Alpha ESS, with minimal 5-year warranty Online Monitoring system
  • Inclusive of Maintenance and Service Package for 12 months after installation


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  • Commercial & Industrial On-Grid, Off-Grid, Hybrid Solar Power System
  • PV Module: Trina Solar/Seraphim/JA Solar (Tier 1) with 12-year warranty, 25-year performance warranty
  • Mounting System: Rooftop-mounted, Ground-mounted, Canopy
  • Inverter: Growatt/Huawei/Sungrow/SMA/ABB with 5-year product warranty (20-year extendable warranty)
  • Includes 12 months maintenance and service package (from date of installation)


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  • Commercial & Industrial Solar PV Rooftop On-Grid System
  • Brand of module: Canadian Solar / Risen Solar with 12 Years Product Warranty and 25 Years Performance Warranty
  • Brand of inverter: Huayu Microinverter with 25 Years Product Warranty
  • Includes 6 months maintenance and service package (from date of installation)


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Check out the U-Solar programme for residential.
To view the U-Solar programme for other countries, please click here.

Note: In addition to the standard maintenance packages offered by our U-Solar partners, all buyers of the solar systems which take up the U-Solar end user financing, shall procure a maintenance package (from the U-Solar partners) equivalent to the tenor of the loan. These packages are based on estimates from 3.5 sun hours and do not guarantee actual system production or savings. The system design may change based on a detail engineering site survey. Actual photovoltaic (PV) system production will vary based on the final system size, design, configuration, electricity tariff and applicable rebates (if any).

Disclaimer: Solar partners are solely responsible for their products and services. UOB makes no representation or warranty with respect to the provision of the products or services for any purpose..


U-Solar is a programme that provides a platform for you to view packages offered by UOB's solar partners to simplify your switch to solar power.

U-Solar helps to reduce the upfront investment required with solar power by providing an appropriate commercial loan.

By appointing one of our solar partners, there will be no additional fees or charges associated with U-Solar.

You will only be able to choose from one of UOB's solar partners.