UOB’s Go Green Home Loan provides a home financing solution designed to fulfill your home buying needs while reducing your carbon footprint, so you can live in a greener, more sustainable manner.


Flexible terms

Flexible terms

Enjoy a free package conversion after the loan lock-in period

Potential savings

Potential savings

Save on interest payment and receive cash rebate when you refinance

Save an average of 20% on your electricity bill

Save an average of 20% on your electricity bill

Enjoy an average of 20% cost savings with a more energy efficient home

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Fight climate change by switching to more sustainable sources of energy and contribute to building a greener planet

^Indicative and dependent on scope of work and verification with U-Build partners.

U-Build Home Assessment

What are the opportunities for you to enjoy more savings on your electricity bill? Simply complete this home assessment to find out where your home ranks on the energy efficiency scale.


  • 1. What is the efficiency rating of your air-conditioner?

  • 2. Do you utilise a smart thermostat for air-conditioner temperature control?

  • 3. Do you have solar film installed on your windows?

  • 4. Do you use an electric heat pump for hot water?

  • 5. What is the energy efficiency rating of your washing machine?

  • 6. What kind of refrigerator do you have at home?

  • 7. Do you use electric fans in your home?

  • 8. Are your lights fitted with LED bulbs?

  • 9. Do you utilise smart lighting control in your home?


Please enter the information to continue.

You are below average but have plenty of opportunities for energy improvement. Contact our U-Energy partners for more information on how you can reduce your electricity bill

You are within the average but there is room for improvement. Please contact our U-Energy partners for more information on how you can save more money

Congratulations, you have an energy efficient home. Do recommend your family and friends to take this home assessment and contact our U-Energy partners to enjoy savings on their electricity bill

If you are a building owner, try out our U-Build Building Performance Calculator to find out how much you can save with a more energy efficient building.


What is U-Build about?

U-Build is Asia’s first integrated green building financing platform across UOB’s key Asian markets. It is simple and seamless for homeowners across the region to perform enhancements to their homes and reap the financial environmental benefits.

By adopting this program, you can enjoy flexible terms and potential savings as you save on interest payments and receive cash rebates when you refinance.

There are no additional costs or charges associated with the program.

Start reducing your home’s energy consumption and carbon footprint with us today. Contact us now.