UOB Sustainability Compass

The UOB Sustainability Compass is a simple online tool that generates a customised report based on your sector and sustainability maturity stage. The report will provide you with clear and actionable next steps to chart your sustainability journey with confidence and build a more resilient business.


What you will get

  • Clear and actionable next steps

    Kick-start or advance your sustainability journey with a customised report containing a sustainability roadmap and recommended action plan tailored to your sector and stage.

  • Resources and thought-leadership

    Be equipped to take action with a curated list of sector-specific guidance, regulatory know-how and sustainable financing solutions.

Who it is for

The UOB Sustainability Compass is designed for SMEs that are

  • Unsure how sustainability impacts their business
  • Considering sustainability but need guidance
  • On their sustainability path but need to advance

Why it is important

Sustainability is an important cornerstone for future growth. Stakeholders are expecting more businesses to integrate sustainability into their corporate strategy. Businesses need to take action now to manage their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, seize new opportunities and carve out a competitive advantage.

The customised report that you will receive after completing the UOB Sustainability Compass will also include sustainable financing solutions that can fast-track your sustainability projects.

Find out more about UOB’s Sustainable Financing Solutions here.


UOB Sustainability Compass is developed in collaboration with PwC Singapore:

Get clear actionable steps with the UOB Sustainability Compass

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