Textile, Apparel and Footwear sector - Three trends you need to know

  • Textile, Apparel and Footwear sector - Three trends you need to knowTextile, Apparel and Footwear sector - Three trends you need to know
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December 2019


Three key trends that are shaping today's textile, apparel and footwear industry

Trend 1: The need for a transparent and sustainable supply chain is driving supplier consolidation

Major brands in the world continue to shift towards an ethical business model that ties in with demand from modern day customers who not only want to know about who cuts, sews and assembles their garments but also whether these processes contribute to a more sustainable world. The desire for a transparent and sustainable supply chain has driven brand owners to streamline the number of suppliers they work with.

Trend 2: Brands adopting a diverse geographical sourcing base

Despite having a more streamlined list of suppliers, the sourcing base for brands is likely to remain geographically diverse. Of late, uncertainties in the area of trade policy have particularly highlighted the need for brands to have a diversified sourcing base. As a result of the US-China trade tension, countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia are deemed to be potential sourcing replacement countries post-implementation of tariffs on China by the United States (US).

Trend 3: Major brands are driving sustainable changes through individual and coalition efforts

In a market where consumers are more aware about brands’ sustainability efforts to improve their product offering, brands have been working tirelessly to sharpen their identity and win public trust. With sustainable sourcing as a key item in their long term agenda, a proactive approach has been undertaken by the brands to ensure that all their suppliers comply with regulations on both environmental protection and worker safety.

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