Shanghai Gold Exchange Seminar 2020

  • Shanghai Gold Exchange Seminar 2020Shanghai Gold Exchange Seminar 2020

About Event

Crystal Lim, Centre of Excellence (Industrials), Group Wholesale Banking, was invited to share UOB’s outlook on the Southeast Asian gold market at the 2020 Shanghai Gold Exchange International Members Online Training Seminar on 3 December 2020. Titled ‘Gold continues its glitter in Southeast Asia’, the presentation provided attendees with an overview of gold demand (investment and jewellery), production, trade and demand and tax implications across the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Event Material

On the topic of ‘Gold continues its glitter in Southeast Asia’, this presentation deck covers the outlook for gold production in the region, confidence in gold, impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, role in Southeast Asian culture and regulations and taxes by local governments. It is a useful guide for anyone who is within or is engaged with companies in this sector. Click on the red button below to download the presentation deck.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the robust growth in demand for investment growth reflects confidence in gold s a safe-haven asset.


Gold plays an important role in the cultures within the region and hence is highly valued.


Click here to download the full presentation deck.