South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute Conference 2019

  • South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute Conference 2019South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute Conference 2019

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At the annual conference, Ivan Cheng, Head of Insights, Group Wholesale Banking, UOB, presented the bank’s view on the impact of the ongoing US-China trade tensions on the steel industry. Also shared was UOB’s take on potential risks and opportunities for Southeast Asia arising from the tariffs and disruption of trade flows, particularly since Mainland China is the lead exporter of steel products into the region. The bank’s participation at the conference, alongside key industry players, showcased her understanding of the market and ability to support businesses in the steel industry.

Event Material

On the topic of ‘Trade tensions and the impact on the ASEAN steel industry’, this presentation deck highlights the potential risks and opportunities for the industry as a result of the diversification due to US-China trade tensions. It is a useful guide for anyone who wants to understand more and is engaged with companies in this sector. Click on the red button below to download the presentation deck.

A timeline was used to detail the series of events that have resulted in the current trade imbalance
between US and China.


Many Southeast Asian markets are reliant on Mainland China for the import of crude, semi-finished
and finished steel products.


With the trade tensions, steel protectionism is on the rise with more anti-dumping measures
being enforced.


Click here to download the full presentation deck.