Climate Journey: Steering Change in the Palm Oil Sector in Asia

  • Climate Journey: Steering Change in the Palm Oil Sector in AsiaClimate Journey: Steering Change in the Palm Oil Sector in Asia


Susanti Wang, Centre of Excellence of Food and Agribusiness within Consumer Goods, Sector Solution Group, presented UOB’s views on sustainable financing in the palm oil sector at “Climate Journey: Steering Change in the Palm Oil Sector in Asia”, a palm oil event in Jakarta, Indonesia on 12 July 2023.

The event, which was co-hosted by UOB and South Pole, a Swiss carbon finance consultancy, brought together stakeholders from governments, private businesses and non-government organisations to address the current market outlook and drive positive change within the Asian Palm Oil industry.

During the presentation, Susanti highlighted the importance of the palm oil business to UOB given the shared key footprints in Asia, the bank’s commitment in the palm oil sector, recognition of sustainability being a reiterative process and the importance to embark on a sustainability journey with palm oil clients to forge a resilient palm value chain, as well as sustainable financing solutions that are anchored under the UOB 5 Green Umbrella Framework to support clients with different needs as they steer towards different climate change paths.

Event Material

On the topic of ‘Sustainable Financing in Palm Oil Sector”, this presentation deck covers the key insights into the Palm Oil industry, including the commodity’s economic and social development importance to countries, sector supply chain development trends, and how the industry can contribute positively towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is a useful guide for anyone who is within or is engaged with companies in this sector. Click on the red button below to download the presentation deck.

Palm oil continues to be an essential economic and social commodity in Indonesia and Malaysia.

A key driver of change towards sustainability in the palm oil industry supply chain comes from downstream players.

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