Chaichana Luetrakun
Acrylic on canvas
180 x 180 cm
Wastescape, the winning artwork for the 2019 UOB Painting of the Year (Thailand), Established Artist Category, is the design inspiration for this Annual Report. Mr Chaichana’s artwork is a commentary on how innovation can result in scrap metal and its lasting impact on the environment. It reminds us to consider carefully the consequences of our actions and the legacy we want to leave for future generations.

At UOB, our values of Honour, Enterprise, Unity and Commitment guide the decisions we make and actions we take. We believe that for growth to be sustained, it must be balanced with responsibility. This approach enables us to meet the immediate and long-term interests of our stakeholders.

By encouraging the appreciation of art in the region, we hope more minds will be open to imagining new realities and to creating new paradigms for the good of all. The UOB Painting of the Year competition, in its 38th year in 2019, is the Bank’s flagship art programme held across four Southeast Asian countries.