The Day After Tomorrow

Wong Yee Heng
Chinese ink on rice paper
70 x 140 cm
The Day After Tomorrow, the Silver Award winner in the Emerging Artist Category at the 2021 UOB Painting of the Year (Singapore), is the design inspiration for this year’s Annual Report. The artwork is inspired by climate change and the natural disasters faced around the world. It depicts the natural landscape of mountains and rivers transforming into man-made high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, transportation and underground cities — a reminder that our desire to create futuristic cities comes at the expense of Mother Earth.

In these fast-changing times, we must consider how the continuous pursuit of progress and innovation is impacting the environment. At UOB, we believe that growth must be balanced with responsibility. It is our long-term approach as we draw on our time-tested values of Honour, Enterprise, Unity and Commitment to forge a sustainable future with our customers, colleagues and communities.

As the leading patron of the arts in Asia, UOB believes in the vital role of art in connecting communities. 2021 marks the significant 40th milestone for our flagship visual arts programme, the UOB Painting of the Year competition. The entries from across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand ignited the imagination and demonstrated the ingenuity of artists in capturing the fortitude, compassion and resilience of people during these uncertain times.
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