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About Infinity

UOB Infinity is UOB’s digital banking platform for businesses. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of cash management and trade services to help you manage your cash and trade transactions more efficiently.

Yes, UOB Infinity is available 24/7. However, some transactions may be subject to processing hours.

Yes, as long as you have Internet access while you are overseas, you will be able to access UOB Infinity anytime, anywhere.

By using the browser from your mobile phone or tablet, you can access UOB Infinity.

UOB Infinity offers new features to help you navigate and complete your tasks faster and more efficiently. With UOB Infinity, you will be able to:

  • Personalise your dashboard and access information that matters most to you quickly.
  • Access any function in just one click.

No new login credentials are required. You can use the same login credentials for BIBPlus to access UOB Infinity.

Both UOB Infinity and BIBPlus will run concurrently to give users time to get used to the new user interface on UOB Infinity. All transactions, templates, past payments, drafts and payee/beneficiary master will be available on both platforms.

Application and Maintenance

Companies/institutional entities that have a corporate account with UOB Taipei Branch are eligible to apply for UOB Infinity.

You will only need to apply for UOB Infinity if you are not an existing BIBPlus user. You may select "Contact Us" and to contact Branch for to get the application form for UOB Infinity.

It takes the Bank up to 10 working days from the receipt of your application and all required documents to process your application. Upon successful creation of your user ID, the Bank will send an email and SMS to the email address and contact number respectively as indicated on your UOB Infinity application. Please wait for your login credential to be sent via postal service.  Please ensure that the email address and contact number provided in the application form is correct.

You will receive a UOB Infinity Welcome Pack delivered to your postal contact address. The welcome pack will consist of your UOB Infinity Organisation ID and User ID. And you may also receive a physical token separately.

Your Company Administrator will be able to create/add users and assign different functional and data access privileges to different users. However, the Company Administrator cannot create/add other Company Administrators and/or Authorisers.

To create/add Administrator and Authoriser access, please submit a maintenance form.

If you require a replacement for your physical token, you need to fill up a maintenance form.

Please contact your relationship manager or visit the nearest UOB branch to your convenience to get the required form.


You can activate your user ID from the UOB Infinity login page by selecting “Want to activate your new account?” and following the on-screen steps. For all users except Company Administrators and Authorisers, your Company Administrator will also be able to activate your account on your behalf.

  • Organisation ID – You cannot change your Organisation ID

  • User ID - You can change your User ID only during your first login to UOB Infinity. Subsequent changes are not allowed.

  • Password – You may change your password at any time from the “Manage Profile” menu at the top right corner of your dashboard.

It UOB Infinity has a “Remember Me” function to store the Organisation and User ID from the last login. You will only need to enter your password the next time you log in. However, the “Remember Me” function can only save one Organisation and User ID.


UOB Infinity can display account activity data for the past 12 months.

For existing BIBPlus customers, you will be able to view/retrieve account activity data for the past 12 months in UOB Infinity.

For new UOB Infinity customers, you can only view/retrieve account activity data for the past 2 months when you access UOB Infinity for the first time.

You will be able to download/export the account statements of all your UOB accounts that are linked to UOB Infinity. Please note that the layout of the downloaded statement differs from the physical account statement.


To download/export account statements:

From the top menu bar, go to Accounts > Account Activities from the top menu bar

Select the account number and date range required.

Click the “Export” button at the top right corner of the screen.

There are 4 file types available:

  • PDF
  • CSV
  • Spreadsheet
  • Fixed Length

Reports and Reconciliation

To export account statement:

  1. From the top menu bar, select Accounts > Approval Activities
  2. Select the account you specify
  3. Under Account Transactions, click Current Month, then to set filter of the period and click Apply
  4. Move up and select “Export” at the top right, you can select the file type to export statement

Account activity details are kept in UOB Infinity for 6 months. If you need to obtain the account details made more than 6 months ago, please contact the Bank at + 886  2  2722 3838.

Technical Specifications and Security

For optimal user experience, you are recommended to access UOB Infinity using the following system / browser combinations:

Operating Systems Browser
Google Chrome

Version : 86 & above
Microsoft Edge

Version : 98 & above

Version : 12 & above
Mozilla Firefox

Version : 90 & above
Windows 10 & above
Y Y   Y
macOS 10.15 & above
iOS 12 & above
Android 10 & above
Y Y   Y

UOB Infinity has a system that provides a high standard of security for banking over the Internet. This security system safeguards the confidentiality of your personal account information and banking transactions by employing:

  • Multiple levels of firewalls
  • 2048-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption – currently recognised internationally to be of the highest standard in encryption technology commercially available
  • A two-factor authentication that uses User ID and password along with a secure token

To further protect your company's account and transaction information while banking via UOB Infinity, we recommend doing the following:

  • Change your password regularly as an added security measure
  • Clear the browser's cache after each session in UOB Infinity so that details of your transactions are removed
  • Always log out properly after you have completed your online banking activities

For more details, you may wish to view our Group best privacy and security practices.

Getting Help

Should you require any assistance, please call us at + 886  2  2722  3838 when 9:00am – 5:00pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays.