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Import Services

Inward Bill Collection (DA/DP)

Facilitate your trade activities with our documentary collection service.
Save time and take delivery of your goods quickly and efficiently with our Inward Bill Collection services. We act as your agent, handling the processing of documents and payments to your sellers on your behalf. This is a common payment mechanism for buyers which enables you to focus on building your business.


Documents against Acceptance (DA)

For Documents against Acceptance, UOB releases the import documents to the buyer upon his acceptance of the bills of exchange/draft.


Documents against Payment (DP)

For Documents against Payments, UOB releases the import documents to the buyer once he has paid the bill amount.

Export Services

Outward Bill Collection (DA/DP)

Collect your payments easily and efficiently.

Facilitate the flow of payment with our Outward Bill Collection. UOB acts as a professional agent to collect payments from the buyer on your behalf. Your transport documents are only released to the buyer once we have received either payment or acceptance from the buyer promising payment at a later date.


Documents against Acceptance (DA)

With Documents against Acceptance, once the buyer has accepted the bills of exchange/draft, he promises to pay at a later date / due date. The export documents will be released to him by his bank upon acceptance.


Documents against Payment (DP)

With Documents against Payments, the buyer’s bank will release the export documents once the buyer has paid.