UOB Infinity – Business Internet Banking Platform and Dashboard


Personalise your dashboard with information that matters most to you.

  • Access a quick view of your business account balances and outstanding loans
  • Add shortcuts to your favourite functions for quick access
  • View all transaction status in a single location
  • Review and authorise your tasks directly from the dashboard

Cash Management

Manage your cash flow efficiently with real-time visibility of account information
and a comprehensive range of payments and collections features.

  • Access, view and transact from any UOB account across countries with a single login
  • Enjoy a consolidated view of your balances and transactions for all your UOB accounts across countries

  • Access a full suite of payment and collection services including single and bulk fund transfers via Faster Payment, RTGS, telegraphic transfers and more
  • Upload bulk files with ease for bulk payments, payroll and collections

  • Track incoming and outgoing cross-border payments from end-to-end
  • Enjoy full visibility of the payment status, charges and FX rates applied

  • View status of all transactions in a single location
  • Transactions are grouped according to their status for easy reference

  • Download reports and upload them into your accounting system for easy reconciliation

Trade Services

Save time when you submit your trade transactions online and enjoy less hassle with real-time tracking and notifications.

UOB Infinity – Trade Services and Trade Transactions

Optimise your workflow and transaction turnaround time with online submission

UOB Infinity – Trade Services and Trade Transactions

Track transaction status and history with ease

UOB Infinity – Trade Services and Trade Transactions

Access all trade transactions online, including transactions effected over the counter

UOB Infinity – Trade Services and Trade Transactions

Enjoy more benefits online such as downloading of trade advices, tracking of DHL delivery status for export documents, calendar event reminder and notifications on bill maturity

Types of Trade Services

List of trade services available online:

  • Trade Bill Summary – Real-time enquiry of outstanding trade bills
  • Import Letter of Credit (LC) – Application for issuance, amendment and cancellation of LC
  • Import Bill Notifications - Request for trust receipt financing for LC, documents against acceptance, and documents against payment
  • Shipping Guarantee – Application and endorsement of bills landing and airwaybills
  • Banker’s Guarantee (BG) – Application for issuance, amendment and cancellation of BG
  • Financing Request – Request for clean invoice financing, packing credit, freight loan, export invoice financing and credit bills purchase

UOB Infinity App

Enjoy banking services for your business anytime, anywhere.

  • Log in quickly and securely with biometric access
  • Access account information
  • Create and authorise payments
  • Activate new users
UOB Infinity App

Download now from

UOB Infinity App

UOB Infinity App

UOB Infinity – HK App
UOB Infinity – Digital Business Banking Token

Infinity Secure (digital token)

UOB Infinity – Digital Business Banking Token

Authenticate and approve transactions securely and conveniently anytime, anywhere with Infinity Secure, our digital token.

Register and activate Infinity Secure for enquiry and cash transactions.

Follow these steps to register/activate Infinity Secure:

Step1 Download the UOB Infinity app
UOB Infinity AppUOB Infinity App
Step2 Launch the UOB Infinity app and select “Click here to register for Infinity Secure”
Step3 Follow the on-screen steps to register
for Infinity Secure