Wisnu Aditya

Wealth Management Advisory Head, Personal Financial Services

It is always about doing the right thing

To Wisnu, there are many reasons to love working at UOB. The casual and friendly culture among colleagues is one example. But what truly stands out for him, is the pride of representing an organisation that’s known among his clients as the name to trust. Find out how this set the stage for his career aspirations in the video below.


I see the real value of trust and collaboration here

Wisnu Aditya
Wealth Management Advisory Head
Personal Financial Services

I am Wisnu, Wealth Management Advisory Head within the Sales and Distribution Division of UOB Indonesia.

I’ve worked with a number of local and international banks in Indonesia before joining UOB.

It’s been three and a half years now, and I am proud to be here.

It’s a bank that’s very focused on doing what’s right for the long-term, and not just what’s quicker and easier.

Our clients have told us that they feel the same way too, that UOB is a very prudent bank.

They feel safe in the knowledge that we exercise extra care in how we operate.

With my knowledge of the banking and wealth management industry, I know that we’re doing the right things.

This degree of prudence is for the security of our clients’ money, and it builds trust over time.

The culture at UOB Indonesia is another thing that’s significantly different from other local and international banks here in Indonesia. 

We’re casual and friendly.

We work like teammates, not bosses and subordinates.

This collaborative culture makes it easier to get things done better, and we often hang out together after work.

In addition, the flexi working hours allow me to spend more time doing the things I enjoy.

When I work with teams from UOB Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, I get the same open and friendly vibes from them.

I think UOB has done a great job establishing the same culture in different countries.

Career-wise, my short-term career goal is to keep growing with UOB.

By doing so, I will be able to realise my long-term goal, which is to help grow the banking industry in Indonesia, which has huge market potential.

I’m confident that I’ll be able to achieve my goals here, because of how UOB builds its business and its people.

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