Shang Dianjun

Manager, Group Strategy and International Management

A humbling learning experience every day

For Dianjun, there’s plenty to like about his career at UOB. The best things are the exciting challenges and learning opportunities that have been a big part of his experience here since day one, when he joined Group Strategy and International Management as a UOB Management Associate. Get more of his story in the video below.



Shang Dianjun
Manager, Group Strategy and International Management
Former UOB Management Associate

Hi, I’m DJ. I’m a Manager with Group Strategy and International Management. I joined UOB in 2016 as a Management Associate.

Well, without a doubt that would be the fish soup from a nearby stall. It’s about a five-minute walk from the office and I can have it every day.

I think it will be the particular shade of blue which is called “UOB Blue” it’s one of my favourite colours. And also this is the bank that I opened my first personal account.

The program allows me to choose the Home Division that I will join at the end of the programme in addition to the wide exposure that I will get from the cross-functional rotations during the programme itself.

I really enjoyed the rotations and forging strong relationships with the colleagues I have met and there was plenty of exposure to senior leaders of the bank.

I was rotated to one of the branches, the FinLab and Product Development. For my regional rotation, I travelled to Shanghai and Hong Kong and worked closely with the Country CEOs and various business heads.

I’m working with stakeholders across the bank to better position UOB to serve our customers in various ecosystems across the region.

I’m a huge fan of the arts and culture so I love to visit galleries and museums near the office. And I have been a freelance theatre practitioner for more than a decade.

I used to do production and stage management. Nowadays, I translate surtitles for plays in English and Mandarin.

To me, Management Associates of UOB have these two qualities, humility and perseverance. We must remember that there is always something to learn from everyone we meet and every challenge we may face.


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