Bernard Yong

Personal Wealth Associate Team Head, Personal Financial Services

From learner to mentor

Where can your passion lead you? Bernard began his career with UOB in the Personal Wealth Executive Programme. Fuelled by his personal interest in wealth accumulation strategies, Bernard has progressed from a Personal Wealth Executive to a Personal Wealth Associate Team Head. Find out what it is all about in the video below.


I’m building the future of others as I build mine

Bernard Yong
Personal Wealth Associate Team Head
Personal Financial Services

I’m Bernard.

I’m a Personal Wealth Associate Team Head in the Personal Financial Services division of UOB Singapore. 

I started my career as a Personal Wealth Executive via the UOB Personal Wealth Executive Programme.

It’s the same 6 months’ programme where I nurture as well as mentor the new hires to the Bank.

Every six months, I lead a fresh batch of new Personal Wealth Executives and help them develop the knowledge and skills to help our clients understand our products better.

It is easy for these beginners to feel discouraged when they encounter daunting questions or rejections from clients.

As their team lead and mentor, I observe the new Personal Wealth Executives in branches and guide them through role play.

I find a lot of satisfaction in this mentoring role, especially when someone you trained becomes successful, and that they tell you it’s because of you.

It is also good to see how my personal interest in wealth accumulation strategies can become a career that creates a positive impact on new bankers and their clients, who will benefit from their expertise.

UOB is a performance-driven environment for bankers.

This means career progression is swift and streamlined.

We also have a very warm and family-like culture.

The colleagues, including the top achievers, are very open to sharing what they know to help others succeed.

I have been very inspired by the people I get to meet and learn from at UOB.

My banking career here has been a series of breakthroughs.

And I know there will be more to come.

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