Technology & Operations

We are comprised of five teams of specialists with distinct capabilities: business partnership, technology, operations, risk governance and planning support and services. We work closely together to harness the power of technology to support our physical and digital banking services and operations. This includes developing, centralising and standardising technology systems as well as banking operations in Singapore and overseas branches.

Business Partnership

We tailor fit-for-purpose technology solutions for key organisational operations of the Group. To achieve this, we identify business challenges and develop holistic technology and organisations capabilities that align with the priorities and strategic direction of the Group.

Technology Specialists

We translate the needs of key organisational operations of the Group into technology solutions, with a focus on reducing time-to-market and driving up operational efficiency. We leverage our deep industry and technical knowledge to deliver robust, efficient and scalable platforms.

Operations Specialists

We provide product processing support to our Global Markets, Wholesale Banking and Retail businesses. With our strong product knowledge and understanding of end-to-end flows and system capabilities, we develop efficient and cost-effective processes for the timely and accurate execution of all transactions.

Risk Governance

We oversee risk governance of all technology and operations processes. As an independent policy-setting, assurance and advisory function, we improve the effectiveness and quality of the Group’s information security, technology management and operating and control systems.

Planning Support and Services

We provide business control and strategic support to deliver transformation and strategic initiatives within Technology and Operations and across the Group. Our planning and portfolio management function enables greater responsiveness to business needs. At the same time, our business finance function supports work related to financial control, finance reporting and portfolio analytics.

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