Corporate Functions

We are an independent internal audit function that provides objective assurance and consulting to improve and add value to the Group’s operations. We help the Group achieve its strategic objectives by adopting a systematic and disciplined approach towards evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

We are the custodian of the UOB Brand and the governor of our corporate identity. Through brand strategy, management, initiatives and performance, we address the art of branding in an objective, logical and scientific manner. This approach allows internal stakeholders to understand and participate in building and shaping a UOB brand that we can be proud of. Our goal is to lift brand perception and value — to elevate UOB to an Asian brand name known globally, for our time-tested business philosophy and values.

We are a strategic partner and a trusted business enabler to the Board and senior management. It is our responsibility to ensure that the Group continuously fulfils its regulatory obligations in today’s tight and dynamic regulatory landscape. To do that, we work closely with internal stakeholders to identify and to assess regulatory risks. This collaboration also includes developing practical solutions that integrate regulations into operational requirements as well as actively shaping and promoting stronger compliance culture and literacy in the Bank.

We are comprised of three teams: Risk Management, Credit and Special Asset Management. We manage the risks arising from the Group’s business activities within the risk appetite established by the Board. This involves identifying and evaluating the risks, developing effective risk governance and strategies as well as providing independent assessment of the overall risk profile.


Risk Management
We develop and implement a consistent risk management framework across the Group. This includes establishing risk policies and procedures limit structures, delegation of authority, development of risk models for risk measurement as well as performing scenario analysis and stress testing. We are organised with the focus of managing the material risks of the Group.

We oversee the underwriting process for all assets of the Group. We ensure sound quality of the Group’s credit portfolio through the application of relevant credit risk frameworks, policies, tools and systems. We are organised along customer and industry segments covering corporate, commercial and financial institutions as well as individual customers.

Special Asset Management
We manage the work-out and recovery of the Group’s corporate and commercial non-performing loans and non-performing assets. This includes formulating appropriate account strategies, negotiating with the borrowers and monitoring the approved restructuring and recovery plan.

We answer the demand for quality and credible data across the Group.

Data Management Office 

We govern the use of data across the Group and provide guidance for data management and usage. This optimises the value of data to enable smarter, faster and more accurate decision-making as well as improve operational efficiency. Above all, we ensure adherence to all data governance standards as determined by regulators.

Big Data Analytics 

We are a centralised analytics function that supports Group-wide business units and their analytical needs. We aim to establish ourselves as an analytics centre of excellence and drive analytics adoption and the utilisation of new big data technology across the Group. Our key areas of service range from business intelligence, strategic analytics to data science.

We manage the financial and administrative needs of the Group to help achieve its business goals.

Group Finance
We support enhanced decision-making to achieve optimal and sustainable financial outcomes for our shareholders. We are responsible for providing insights into the performance of the Group through financial, regulatory and performance reporting of the Group.

Regional CFO Office
We facilitate the alignment of financial goals within the Group by enhancing collaboration between the Group and Country Finance and Corporate Services teams.

Investor Relations
We help our investors make well-informed investment decisions by providing them with relevant information on the Group’s corporate strategy, operational performance and business outlook.

We support the Group and external clients in the areas of macroeconomic and financial markets research. We also assess their impact on economic policy measures, FX, interest rates and various assets markets.

Corporate Real Estate Services
We manage and administer matters relating to real estate on behalf of the Group. These include lease management, facilities management, as well as security and general service matters.

We balance organisational aspirations and employee needs, as we accelerate and strengthen people capabilities to enable sustainable business growth at UOB. Our team of Human Resources specialists are guided by four employee commitments: do what is right, build meaningful careers, make a real difference and lead by positive example.


Business Management, Talent Acquisition and Group Rewards
We develop and deliver HR advisory services, talent acquisition strategy, Group rewards and international mobility policies.


Talent Management and Organisation Development
We build the leadership pipeline and shape the corporate culture.


Corporate Learning and Development
We develop training infrastructure and programmes to foster a culture of continuous learning to meet current and future business needs.


HR Strategy and Services
We drive strategic HR initiatives, provide insights on HR analytics, deliver employee services and implement HR systems to support the business objectives of the Group.


Policies, Governance and Employee Relations
We cultivate a positive and harmonious relationship with our employees and the unions, while ensuring employee discipline. This is achieved through the formulation and communication of Group-level HR policies and initiatives.

We are comprised of the Legal and Secretariat teams. The Legal team works closely with all functions across the Group to provide timely, accurate and practical legal support. This facilitates decision-making in the delivery of efficient service to our customers, while ensuring that the Group’s interests are protected. The Secretariat team supports the boards of UOB and its Singapore subsidiaries in the discharge of their responsibilities and provides advice on governance matters. It also facilitates communication between the non-executive directors and senior management, and manages the induction and professional development programme for directors.

We work closely with all functions across the Group to protect and to promote the reputation of UOB. Through our thought leadership, stakeholder and community engagement programmes, we ensure that UOB’s presence, relevance, insights and understanding are seen and felt by our colleagues and customers, wherever they are. We also strive to turn our customers into advocates through our consistent and considered approach in delivering reliable and distinctive customer service.

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