Summer Internship Programme

Programme Overview

The UOB Summer Internship Programme is a budding talent programme completed during your internship with us, where those selected will also be fast tracked through the selection process should you wish to apply for the UOB Management Associate Programme after you graduate. You will be assigned to the business of your choice at the start of the programme. During the internship, you will experience the challenges and rewards of a career in the banking industry and get to know the business of UOB. To be a UOB Intern, we are looking for someone who is eager to learn and apply newly gained knowledge in a useful, practical and strategic manner, and who is able to commit a minimum of 10 weeks. This could lead to an invitation to take up a permanent position with UOB Singapore upon your graduation.


What we look for in a UOB Intern:

  • An undergraduate from a local or overseas university
  • An excellent track record in leadership, academic achievements and co-curricular activities
  • Strong communication skills


You will start the UOB Singapore Internship Programme with a corporate induction. This will provide you with an overview of the various businesses within UOB, insights into present-day challenges facing the industry as well as the Bank’s expectations of graduate hires. You will develop an in-depth understanding of the business function of your choice through on-the-job training and coaching. During your internship, you may undertake a corporate social responsibility project and participate in career development workshops.

The culture of UOB is supportive, caring and promotes growth, providing a safe space for me to learn, gain exposure and work on real time projects with colleagues always willing to help. I’ve benefitted from understanding the wholesale function and a macro picture of the industry through talks held by various departments.
Shawn Ng, Group Wholesale Banking, Sector Solutions Group
Summer Intern 2022

Joyce (my manager) has provided guidance to learn about the various onshore and offshore functions of Private Banking and pick up crucial relationship management skills. I was given the freedom to reach out and ping Portfolio Counsellors and Market Heads to receive product knowledge and learn from them as well.
Cedric Tay, Private Bank
Summer Intern 2022

Engaging with senior colleagues and working with fellow interns have allowed for many great conversations and it has been a great summer for me. I’ve learnt so much in the short time and have made connections that’ll last a lifetime.
Ethan Chia, Group Wholesale Banking, Sector Solutions Group, Consumer Goods
Summer Intern 2022

Being entrusted to execute the Deposit & Wealth Management townhall was a project I was thankful for. I appreciated the opportunity to connect and get to know more people on a personal level through these events.
Amelia Chua, Personal Financial Services, Deposits and Wealth Management
Summer Intern 2022

I enjoyed my time with UOB through learning of the different processes and the connections I’ve made with colleagues who were experts in their field. One take-home for me is to always be open minded and willing to learn in an ever-evolving industry.
Anthea Yu, Wholesale Banking, Sector Solutions Group, ESG Solutions
Summer Intern 2022

Having given the privilege to work on huge projects typically not assigned to interns, it was an opportunity I’ve learnt a lot from! I appreciated the guidance provided by supervisors and caring colleagues and had an in-depth understanding of how risks can impact operations within financial institutions on a greater level.
Lin Tianjing, Group Risk Management, Operational Risk Management
Summer Intern 2022

With the opportunity to perform expert calls and to participate in developing new banking solutions, it has allowed me to have a better understanding of the role banks have in the global ESG push.
Ho Jun Xian, Wholesale Banking, Sector Solutions Group, ESG Solutions
Summer Intern 2022 – Oct 2022

I’ve benefitted from working with a lean and diverse team, allowing me to gain exposure and work on projects that impacted UOB clients, through creating trade ideas and working on sustainable banking products.
Karan, Personal Financial Services, Deposits and Wealth Management, Treasury
Jan 2022 – July 2022 Intern

My favourite part interning at UOB lies in the diversity of the people I’ve met and had the opportunity to work with. Coming from different universities, experiences, and countries in the world, they’ve all presented me with unique perspectives in tackling both work and life.
Jonson Tham, Wholesale Banking, Sector Solutions Group, Real Estate & Hospitality
Summer Intern 2022

A comprehensive and rigorous selection and assessment process is in place to help us identify ideal candidates for the UOB Singapore Internship Programme. This comprises ability tests as well as interviews with Senior Managers:

Step 1: Psychometric assessment
Step 2: Video interview
Step 3: Interview
Step 4: Offer

Application for UOB Singapore Internship Programme will commence in September/ October every year for the following year’s intake.

Applications for the Summer Internship Programme are now closed and will open Q3/Q4 every year. Please click on 'View Jobs' to see a list of other available internships and graduate opportunities.

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