UOB Singapore Personal Wealth Executive Programme

Programme Overview

The UOB Singapore Personal Wealth Executive Programme is designed to prepare you for a rewarding career. As a UOB Personal Wealth Executive, you will be ready to bring your ambition and initiative to the wealth management business. In turn, you will gain more than just financial training, as we get you ready to drive this increasingly important engine for the banking sector in the Asia region.


What we look for in a UOB Personal Wealth Executive:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or a diploma from a local polytechnic
  • Passion for the wealth management industry
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills


Once you have passed the Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Examination, you will start building your skills and capabilities through a structured training programme. Developed and delivered by professional trainers, it encompasses e-learning modules, training on insurance and investment products as well as client engagement. In addition, you will learn to harness your potential through the needs-based coaching programme with your manager.

Your total remuneration will be a competitive and attractive package that is in line with your effort and results. Along the way, you will take on important responsibilities that lay the groundwork for your fast progression in your career. As your experience grows, you will move from the personal banking sector to the private bank sector. You can also explore other roles within the Bank with the transferable skills you have developed.

Find out how the UOB Singapore Personal Wealth Executive Programme has launched exciting careers for its alumni.

I made a career switch to Personal Banking after being in the civil service for a few years, because I wanted to do something different and dynamic. Rejection is not uncommon in this role but I am able to stay focused whenever I remember my core purpose — to help clients plan for their future in the best possible way. It helps a lot that UOB has a family-like and open culture where I can always approach someone for guidance and assistance.
Patricia Tai, Personal Wealth Executive, Personal Financial Services

I joined UOB Singapore as a Personal Wealth Executive after graduation, and I have benefited greatly from its structured training programme. I was also given the opportunity to progress from a Personal Wealth Executive to a management role — first as a Bancassurance Manager, then as Business Manager today. I find great satisfaction in this role, where I mentor and guide Personal Wealth Executives in helping their clients achieve their financial goals.
Jack Huang, Personal Wealth Team Head, Personal Financial Services

Upon graduating from Applied Finance in 2014, I joined UOB Singapore as a Personal Wealth Executive. Work fulfillment in this role far exceeded my expectations because it allowed me to do what I value greatly — to get to know new people and provide them with sound financial advice. Top performers are also eligible for promotions to relationship management roles, and there are attractive overseas incentive trips and training programmes to help support continual growth.
Teresa Chong, Relationship Manager, Wealth Banking

The structured training programme and the mentoring I received from my manager were two important factors that helped me perform well as a Personal Wealth Executive, when I joined in 2014. There will always be challenging moments in a role like this, where rejections are common. The recognition and the opportunity for fast career progression will far outweigh the tough times though.
Nigel Ho, Relationship Manager, Wealth Banking

A comprehensive and rigorous selection and assessment process is in place to help us identify ideal candidates for the UOB Singapore Personal Wealth Executive Programme. This comprises an online candidate assessment as well as interviews with Human Resources and Senior Managers.

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